‘Tokyo Ghoul: re’ Episode 5 English Dub Delayed For Funimation Simuldub Of ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3

The English dub of the ‘Tokyo Ghoul: re’ anime is not quite keeping up with the Japanese release schedule as planned.

Funimation was trying something new for the spring 2018 anime season, but unfortunately, the experiment is not going as expected. The original goal was to release the English dub for each episode of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 and My Hero Academia Season 3 at the same time as the Japanese release. But Funimation has now confirmed that the Tokyo Ghoul: re Episode 5 English dub is going to be delayed by an entire week.

“A message to #TokyoGhoulre dub watchers,” Funimation tweeted out. “We’re so happy that we’ve been able to provide the first four episodes with same-day SimulDubs. However at this moment we will have to delay the dub schedule. Episode 5 dubbed will be coming on 5/8. Please stay tuned for future updates.”

Otherwise, the experiment has been going pretty well. The first four English dub episodes of Tokyo Ghoul: re aired as promised, and the English My Hero Academia anime has been keeping the action coming except in the case of the first episode (which was pretty much a recap of the last season, so the delay was not too bad).

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5 will be focusing even more on the action since the auction raid is in full swing. Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is shaping up to bring the SS-rated One-Eyed Owl back onto the screen pretty soon and he will be taking on the Quinx Squad. The real name of the One-Eyed Owl is Seidou Takizawa, and the former human is reminded of his time as a CCG investigator by someone he meets (and then eats). It’s not long before Owl runs into Haise, Shirazu, and Saiko while the rest of the CCG focuses on battling the Nutcracker.

There have been a good number of news announcements concerning the anime in recent weeks. Back in April, director Shuhei Morita of Studio Pierrot (Shuhei was replaced by director Odahiro Watanabe for the third season) explained why the Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 anime adaptation changed Ken Kaneki’s story from the manga. But the big surprise was that Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 will actually be a split-cour for Tokyo Ghoul: re that’s coming out way earlier than anyone ever expected.

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