Tom Hanks’ Latest Gig Is Delivering Drinks At The Golden Globes

Tom Hanks proved once again that he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood by delivering drinks to his table at the Golden Globe awards on Sunday.

Tom Hanks has worn a lot of hats in his long and storied career. He’s been a pilot, a lawyer, a secret agent, an FBI agent, a castaway, a Washington Post executive, and even a sacrifice for a volcanic deity. But Tom Hanks’ latest role may be the most difficult one yet.

Last Sunday, the 61-year-old The Post actor decided to treat his fellow Hollywood stars to some 5-star service by delivering martinis to his table. The whole thing was captured by several attendees and posted to their various Twitter accounts.

Step one, naturally, is get the goods. Here we see Tom Hanks patiently waiting at the bar while his order is filled.

The bartender was even kind enough to let him have the tray so he could carry everyone’s drinks back with him.

But there was a problem when he got back to the ballroom. Somebody else was in the middle of their acceptance speech, so Hanks waited for her to finish. Or maybe he’d just forgotten where his table was.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were too wrapt in the acceptance speech to notice the Hollywood A-lister standing right beside them waiting for the speech to finish.

Finally, Hanks arrives to the appreciative applause of his long-time collaborator, director Steven Spielberg.

As if we needed any more proof how much of a sweetheart Hanks is.

The award ceremony saw Oprah Winfrey win her first Golden Globe for her lifelong contribution to the world of entertainment. During his speech, Seth Meyers took the opportunity to goad Winfrey into running for office – and taking Hanks as her running mate – by making a reference to the current sitting president.

“Oprah while I have you, in 2011 I told some jokes about our current president at the White House Correspondents Dinner — jokes about how he was unqualified to be president, and some say that night convinced him to run,” said Meyers. “And if that’s true I want to say, Oprah, you will never be president! You do not have what it takes to be president.”

Meyers then turned to Hanks to make sure he got the message too. “You will never be Vice President! You are too mean and unrelatable,” he said. “Now we just wait and see.”

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