Top 20 features that will sell your home

The top 20 features that will sell your home… but do plenty of plug sockets really beat a bath, or being near good schools?

  • Buyers rank plenty of electrical sockets above good schools
  • They consider secure windows and doors as more of an essential than a bath
  • Only 9 per cent of buyers considered period features as a property must-have 

Good schools and period features are often considered to be the sought-after characteristics that can draw in buyers.

But a new survey suggests that the items that buyers crave are much simpler.

GoCompare Home Insurance asked more than 2,000 Britons what their top property must-haves would be and their priorities are perhaps surprising with central heating and double-glazing topping the list.

Buyers also rank secure doors and windows, plenty of electrical sockets and reliable broadband above good schools and period features.

A living room that comfortably houses a large, flat screen TV is now a priority for buyers

They are also more concerned about having a living room big enough for large, flat screen TV than a garage and at least two toilets above a bath tub. 

Only 9 per cent of buyers considered period features as a property must-have, while 13 per cent said good schools is an essential factor.


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Ben Wilson, a spokesman for GoCompare Home Insurance, said: ‘Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment most people will make. So, before viewing properties it is helpful to have an idea of the type of area and property you’d like to live in and think about your real must-have priorities.

‘Connectivity and energy efficiency are two massive factors for anyone thinking about a move at the moment, while the number of electrical sockets is now more important than access to local amenities. Likewise, a broadband signal fast enough for streaming, and a reliable and a clear mobile phone signal are deemed home essentials today and sellers need to be wise to these new priorities.’

Buyers consider secure windows and doors as more of an essential than a bath tub

Property expert and founder of online estate agent Tepilo Sarah Beeny said: ‘It’s no surprise to see things that what most of us now take for granted as normal in-home essentials top this list – there’s not many houses without central heating and double glazing nowadays and they’re both things buyers expect.’

‘What is surprising is how high up the list good mobile phone signal and broadband speeds feature. They’re things we take for granted and need, but I definitely wouldn’t advise owners to base buying a property based on either. Both are easily remedied by changing suppliers, and broadband speeds are pretty fast across most of the UK nowadays.

‘The same goes for secure doors and windows and having plenty of electrical sockets – these are all things that can be added cheaply and easily once you’ve bought a house and definitely shouldn’t determine if you purchase or not.

‘Things like good neighbours, good local amenities and not having parking are things you can’t change, so my advice to buyers would be to focus on those aspects, as well as the condition, size and layout of a house.’

Stacey Sibley, of Alexander James Interior Design, said: ‘Aesthetics will always be important in attracting potential buyers to a property. The feelings evoked in a buyer when viewing a property can be pivotal in their overall judgement, often unknown to the buyer.

‘Home accessories play a huge role in adding a homely touch to a property, books and magazines in living areas, candles and flowers on bedsides and fresh bakes in the kitchen go a long way in engaging a potential buyer, allowing them to see the property as functional living space they could move into with ease.’

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