Trevor Noah: Watching Rudy Giuliani Is Like Smoking Weed Through The TV

When Rudy Giuliani torpedoed Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels defense last week, the president attempted to give his new lawyer a do-over.

But it didn’t help. The former New York City mayor sounded wackier than ever in an ABC interview over the weekend.

On Monday night’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah shared a clip from that exchange. And when George Stephanopoulos reminded Giuliani that he said Trump knew about the $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels and reimbursed  Michael Cohen for it, Giuliani’s response was: “Well, maybe I did. But I … right now, I’m at the point where I’m learning, and I can only … I can’t prove that. I can just say it’s rumor. I can prove it’s rumor, but I can’t prove it’s fact.”

That explanation left Noah baffled.

“I feel like I just smoked weed through the TV,” Noah said.

Check out the full video above.

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