Tristan Thompson’s Teammates Think He’s ‘Crazy’ For Dating Khloe — It’s Just ‘Non-Stop Drama’

Although it looks like Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson are salvaging their relationship, his teammates aren’t exactly thrilled! In fact, HL found out exclusively why the Cavs think she’s a ‘distraction!’

Even before cheating allegations began to plague Tristan Thompson, 27, his life was already getting pretty dramatic while dating Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian, 33. And while not everyone believes in the infamous “Kardashian curse,” apparently Tristan’s Cleveland Cavaliers teammates do! Not only has Khloe been a “distraction” for for the NBA star, but his friends don’t think they’ll last in the long run — so why not cut it off now? Ouch! Click here to see photos of Khloe pregnant with Tristan’s baby.

Tristan’s teammates think he’s crazy for staying with Khloe,” a source close to Tristan shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “Everyone thinks she’s a super cool chick, but it’s just nonstop drama. Being with a reality TV star is nothing but a distraction, and everything Tristan does is put under a spotlight and analyzed — that makes for a lot of unwanted pressure.” There’s no question dating someone as famous as a Kardashian can be a challenge, but apparently that’s not the ONLY reason Tristan’s fellow basketball players think he should cut it off.

The fact that women constantly throw themselves at Tristan plays a role in his teammates not seeing a future for him and Khloe. “Tristan can have his pick of hot girls — women are literally throwing themselves at him,” our insider explained. “Nobody thinks it’s going to work out well with Khloe.” Hmm, once a cheater always a cheater? Either way, fans were shocked to see Khloe and Tristan reunite in public as a couple this past weekend. If anyone should be dong the breaking up, Khloe fans think it should be HER! After all, Tristan is the one who cheated while she was pregnant.

Nonetheless, the two were spotted having a great time together on May 4 while out to lunch with friends at the Town Hall restaurant in Cleveland. They even appeared to be laughing and smiling together in a video obtained by TMZ. Just one day later, on May 5, Khloe surprisingly showed up to a Cavs game to support Tristan in the NBA playoffs — her first time at a game since his cheating was revealed.

“Khloe has made up her mind to stand by her man and give Tristan the benefit of the doubt, so she’s forcing herself to carry on as if it’s business as usual,” another inside told us EXCLUSIVELY at the time. “…She hasn’t done anything wrong so she didn’t see why she should hide herself away.”

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