University Of Texas Getting Another Powerful Supercomputer

Students at the University of Texas have a reason to be proud as the school will receive its second supercomputer.

Supercomputers are something that exists but are very expensive, this means most companies and people cannot afford them. The University of Texas, however, is rather lucky as they got a grant for a supercomputer, something that will surely draw people to attend their establishment.

According to CNet, the actual amount of money that the university will be receiving is a whopping $60M. It’s safe to say that this supercomputer is actually one of the better ones out there.


The university will be getting the Frontera supercomputer. It will be used to study complicated things like global climate modeling and even particle collisions from the Large Hadron Collider.

The grant was awarded by The National Science Foundation to TACC, also known as UT Austin’s Texas Advanced Computing Center.

Crazily enough, this is not the first supercomputer that the university has gotten. The first one may not have been as powerful, but it was still worth $30M and is known as the Stampede2.

Other than the issue of causing everyone to go to the same school to simply use it, the supercomputer is going to provide some more than useful information to people. It’s well-known that computers are faster than humans when dealing with complex situations, this is why we use them for tasks such as hurricane tracking, which is one thing that the Frontera model could do.

It’s pretty crazy to think the University of Texas is getting another supercomputer over any other institution, but it does not mean it won’t do relevant work in the said environment. The equipment is going to enable a furthering of the study in fields that have previously taken a long time to learn a little bit of information on. It will also without a doubt give unique options to the students and staff that get to use it for their research.

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