Upsetting Footage Shows Man Reportedly Carrying Stranded Dolphin from the Ocean to Bring Home

Dolphins have been subjected to selfies, and now the animals are reportedly being dragged from the beach to be taken home.

According to Channel News Asia, a man was caught on camera carrying a dolphin from a beach in the southern Guangdong province of China.

The man, believed to be a tourist, allegedly found the animal stranded on the beach while he was swimming and decided to grab the dolphin, throw it over his shoulder, carry it to his car and drive off.

Authorities are looking for the man in the clip, which surfaced online on Tuesday after China’s three-day labor holiday weekend.

Dolphins are protected animals in China, reports South China Morning Post, and should never be handled by civilians regardless of the circumstances in which they are found. Officials told the website that the man in the video will be punished for taking the dolphin when he is identified.

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