Vacuum facial reveals the gunk you have in your pores – and it’s gross

Suck it up! Satisfying videos capture special pore-purging facials that VACUUM dirt and dead cells from your face – before depositing all of the gunk in a jar for you to see

  • Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania tried the facial on Monday 
  • A tool vacuums out the pores from dead skin and debris to help brighten the skin
  • The gunk is then deposited into a jar to show how much dirt was removed 
  • Sephora introduced its own version of pore-purging facial at 100 stores in the US

Move over peel-off masks and pimple-popping videos. 

There is a new pore-purging facial that literally vacuums out all the dirt and debris out of your face while moisturizing your skin at the same time. And it is immensely satisfying to watch.

While the facial will not extract pimples, it will remove any excess oils and dead skin cells – all of which can actually be seen thanks to the machine’s waste system that sees the matter that is removed from your face build up in a jar or bottle, giving you a great view of all the gunk that has been cleared from your complexion. 

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Glowing: Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania tried the ‘vacuuming’ facial with HydraFacial Monday to help brighten her skin 

All smiles: HydraFacial shows how the tool worked on men. It was able to suck out the gunk from the male’s pores while also hydrating his skin 

Relaxing: The entire three-step process for the HydraFacial takes 30 minutes 

More satisfying than a pore strip? Pictured is all the debris that was removed from someone’s pores when they tried Sephora’s version of the facial

And the vacuum-esque skincare technique is so effective that it is already attracting a celebrity crowd; Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania tried the facial for herself Monday.

Dolores got her own HydraFacial – a version of the method that is currently being toured around the country in a specially-made truck – in New York City this week.

The company is travelling to major cities for the next five months so that other people can try the three-step treatment for themselves. 

These steps include cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin, all of which are done using a tool that quite literally sucks the dead cells from the face, and out of the pores, while also applying different treatments and products into the skin.

Fascinating video and images of the facial show the seemingly-simple process being performed, with clients sitting back in a chair while the small hand-held vacuum-like tool is pulled across their face by the facialist. 

Vacuum power: The HydraFacial tool sucks all of the debris up and into a jar that is connected through a long tube

Extract and Hydrate: The HydraFacial uses serums to moisturize the skin so it doesn’t dry out during the 30-minute treatment 

High tech: The HydraFacial tool pushes serum into the skin while simultaneously ‘vacuuming’ out the pores

Meanwhile, Sephora has also introduced a pore-purging facial into 100 of its stores across the United States.

The ‘Perk Hydrating Facial’ is an in-store treatment that involves a consultant using a tool to suck debris out of your pores before depositing it into a jar. 

During the 30-minute service at Sephora, a consultant will first check the moisture levels of the skin. This helps them determine the skin type and what products to use on the face for optimal results.

The consultant then removes any makeup and excess oil from the skin with a cleanser before using the Perk machine to start the vacuuming process. 

Refinery29’s beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan experienced a similar kind of facial for herself to see what impact it had on her own skin.

Pore purging: Refinery29’s beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan experienced the Sephora facial for herself to see what it did for her skin 

Horrifying: the Perk facial tool deposits all the gunk into a jar to show the client what was cleaned out of their pores during the treatment. Pictured is a facial from Sephora 

Deep cleaning: The edges around the head of the tool used during the Perk Hydrating Facial also works to exfoliate the skin during the treatment 

Clean skin: The head on the Perk Hydrating Facial tool has a rollerball to dispense serum into the skin while simultaneously sucking out the dirt and debris 

A video shows the consultant cleaning Chan’s face before using the Perk Hydrating tool to simultaneously vacuum out her pores while also pushing serum into the skin. 

The tool features an edge around the head to exfoliate the skin while another section vacuums out the debris. In the center of the tool is a rollerball to dispense the serum.

Chan said the consultant used a lactic-acid based serum initially on her skin to help loosen the dead skin cells. But the serum was then switched out to one with Vitamin C to serve as a brightener.

What is left behind after the treatment is a satisfying (and disgusting) jar filled with all the gunk, dirt and puss that was removed from the  pores.

The consultants who perform the service are not licensed estheticians, which is why extractions are not part of the treatment. But they are trained by Sephora to use the tool and consult on skincare needs. 

This treatment is free with a $75 purchase of any of the skincare products at Sephora.  

How does the ‘vacuum’ facial clean out impurities from the skin?

If you get a HydraFacial or go to a Sephora store for their own Perk Hydrating Facial, you can expect a number of steps during the treatment. 

First, the consultant will clean your skin with a cleanser to rid it of any excess makeup or oils.

The tool then works to gently rid the skin of its top layer. This step helps resurface the skin through gentle exfoliation.

The ‘vacuum’ part of the facial is meant to unclog the pores from any dirt and debris that can cause unwanted pimples. But simultaneously, the tool is also pushing a moisturizing serum into the skin. This prevents the skin from becoming dry during the suction process. 

A moisturizer with antioxidants is then placed on the skin at the end of the treatment to maximize the brightness. 

The facial is meant to rejuvenate and resurface the face while also diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

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