‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Feeling ‘Divided’ As Behind-The-Scenes Drama Is ‘Hurting’ Everyone

Can’t wait for the premiere of ‘Vanderpump Rules?’ We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on what to expect from the season ahead, & why the cast is feuding more than ever.

Drama drama drama! It’s not all rainbows and butterflies for the cast of Vanderpump Rules. In fact, a source close to the cast EXCLUSIVELY spilled some serious tea to HollywoodLife about what’s been happening behind the scenes of the show! “The drama from RHOBH this season is really dragging over to Vanderpump Rules, as the cast there is really divided and not getting along,” the source shares. “Stassi and Katie have been talking behind Scheana’s back, as they feel she’s extremely desperate for attention. It’s really Stassi, Brittany, and Katie versus Scheana, and Scheana really feels left out of everything,” they add. The source also revealed just how Scheana feels about the ordeal. “It’s hurting her, however, Scheana really was spending so much time with Rob that she was acting like it was the Scheana and Rob show, and now they’re not even together anymore.”

Scheana isn’t the only one feeling the brunt of some major drama this season. “Billie and Lisa also get into it, and it gets so bad that Billie is forced to go to Lisa’s house to apologize,” the source also told HL, about the forthcoming season. “None of the girls are speaking to Billie right now as well. They know Billie is really fighting for trans rights, and they whole heartedly support that, however, they feel she’s really difficult to get along with,” the source continued. Don’t worry though – according to the source, Lisa ultimately forgave Billie! “Lisa does empathize with Billie, however, since Lisa knows what it feels like to not have anyone want to film with you, so Billie and Lisa have made up completely. Billie feels so excluded right now, and it’s hurtful to her to not want anyone to film with her, which is why it was important to Billie to make up with Lisa.” HollywoodLife has reached out to a rep for the show for comment.

So what does all this drama mean for the show? Despite a ‘divided’ cast, Lisa is thrilled with the turn of events! “The cast is just so divided right now. Producers are excited that the drama is high as is Lisa since this is her baby. She’ll do this show forever as would the cast,” the source shared. Unfortunately, the drama isn’t all fun and games for everyone. “Right now, nobody is talking to James, or inviting him to things, also making it hard for producers to be able to shoot him,” the source also shockingly revealed. Sounds like we’ve got one INTENSE season ahead!

Vanderpump Rules season 7 premieres Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo. After getting a sense of what to expect this season, we can’t wait to watch this all play out!

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