‘Vanderpump Rules’ Preview: Max Reveals He Wants To Kick Danica Out Of TomTom — Watch

The March 24 episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is going to be a wild one. Especially because Max reveals his plan to kick Danica out of TomTom for ruining his romance with Dayna.

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the March 24 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Danica rips into Max after she discovers that he wants to kick her out of TomTom. “So what’s your problem? What’s all this s*** talking about me?” Danica asks Max at Tom Schwartz‘s poolside memorial for his dead lizard (yes, really). “First of all, the s*** talking is not coming from me first. It’s coming from you first,” he says, referring to the fact that Danica shared rumors about him with his then-girlfriend, Dayna, which ultimately lead to their breakup.

“I have every right to tell her something that rubs me the wrong way about you,” Danica says before Max points out that Danica never doesn’t even like Dayna. “Dayna was your friend? And you’re looking out for her?” he asks, to which she says, “No, but I’m looking out for someone who’s working for me.”

He continues, “You were a complete b**** to her the first week she worked there. And she told me all about it.” Then, during his confessional, he says, “I know it was Danica that told Dayna all this s*** about me, and that’s what lead to Dayna and I breaking up. It is Danica talking s*** once again. I just don’t understand why she keeps continually getting into my business.”

Back at the pool, Danica asks Max, “And now all of a sudden, you’re talking behind my back, saying I’m [banned] from my sister restaurant? My own sister restaurant. Instead of coming to me to talk to me about it, you’ve been just saying it behind my back?”

“Because I’m waiting for you to try to come in one day, and then just telling you that you can’t come in,” he tells her.

“Oh, so that’s how much of an a**hole you are? You want to wait for me to come into TomTom and get kicked out? That’s what you want?” she asks, and he says, “Oh yeah.”

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