'Vanderpump Rules': The Cast Reveals What Makes the Show So Good

If you watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know precisely who Lisa Vanderpump is. The actress may have first turned heads on RHOBH, but it wasn’t her first rodeo. The brunette bombshell landed her first big part in 1973 in the movie, A Touch of Class. At the time she was only 13 years old. The young talent continued to take on many roles, that is until she became one of the biggest stars of reality TV.

Vanderpump isn’t just an actress and TV personality. She’s also an extremely successful restaurateur. She’s owned over 35 different bars, clubs, and restaurants with her husband at her side. The restaurant business is booming for the Vanderpumps, so much so it was the source of inspiration for her own successful reality TV show. 

What is ‘Vanderpump Rules’?


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on the air since 2010. Vanderpump has been an integral housewife since the very beginning. Apparently, she did so well on RHOBH that she managed to land her own show, which debuted on January 7, 2013. That’s just two years after her start on The Real Housewives franchise!

Vanderpump Rules basically allows the reality star to make even more money while handling her full-time job. Vanderpump is a co-owner and the lady boss at a restaurant called SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant). The show chronicles the journey of the leading lady alongside her employees and others close to the restaurant family. Vanderpump Rules has chronicled the riveting relationships, break ups, make ups, firing, and all other drama (hello Lala Kent and Billy Lee) surrounding the SUR family. 

What about Lisa Vanderpump’s other restaurants?


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Vanderpump is already the face of RHOBH, or at least one of them, as well as the face of Vanderpump Rules. She certainly doesn’t need any spin-offs based on her show, but that isn’t to say it wouldn’t go over well. The RHOBH star has several popular restaurants and bars under her name that she could pitch to Bravo if she really wanted to.

Her “Bravo Disneyland” empire consists of SUR, PUMP, and TomTom, a cocktail bar that is right around the corner from SUR. The block is basically a Vanderpump lover’s dream! They can go to SUR and see their favorite cast members before taking a break from the publicity at PUMP and ending the day with cocktails from TomTom. Vanderpump will be expanding her empire very soon with the opening of the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars’ Palace in Las Vegas. Her career is skyrocketing on both the acting and the restaurant front. 

What makes ‘Vanderpump Rules’ stand out from other reality shows?


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The blueprint for many reality shows is to bring a bunch of strangers together and record what ensues. This isn’t the case with Vanderpump Rules. The cast recently revealed that they knew each other long before the show started. This makes perfect sense. The cast members are actual friend and foes thanks to being real life co-workers. 

“They really were friends before the show, and have struggled to grow up together, and sometimes that manifests in contentious situations.” – Lisa Vanderpump

Need proof? When the cameras aren’t rolling the crew still sticks together. After all, they do have a job to do. It even extends beyond work! During the interview, Vanderpump also said, “We’ve seen when the cameras are down they’re still at each other’s birthdays, they’re still on vacation with each other.” This shows that the crew isn’t just together for the show; their relationships extend far beyond Vanderpump Rules.

What the camera catches during their few months of filming is real drama thanks to the extremely close relationships and an excess of alcohol. After all, “A drunk mind speaks a sober heart.” Considering there’s no shortage of liquor at SUR, there are no holds barred when it comes to their interactions. The result — a spectacular reality show. 

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