VERIVERY Dressed to Impress For The 'TikTok Challenge Challenge''

Of all the ways we’ve seen people approach the TikTok Challenge Challenge, I’d say the dress to impress method is the most solid technique. The game requires people to learn TikTok dances after watching them through just one time, and the K-Pop group VERIVERY rolled up to play all dressed in suits. Way to set the standard.

The dances that these group members got assigned weren’t your run-of-the-mill routines. I mean come on it just wouldn’t be fair to give seasoned professional performers the easy stuff. We had to task them with dances that were a bit more…complicated.

So how does one go about mastering super intricate choreo in 60 seconds? Well, Yeonho dropped one golden piece of advice, something that many TikTok legends have already come to understand. “TikToks are personality. Match the song to your personality.” All those nose scrunches, the winks, the head bops. To the outside viewer, they may seem like unnecessary add-ons, but with TikTok routines, just a dash of personality will distract from any, if not most choreography failings. There’s your wisdom for today. You’re welcome.

So were Hoyoung, Gyehyeon, Dongheon, Yongseung, Kangmin, and Yeonho able to step up to the plate? Watch the full video to find out!

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