Versace's £765 crystal-studded travel mug raises eyebrows

Would YOU pay £765 for a travel mug? Versace’s crystal-studded vessel fails to impress critics who claim it’s essentially a ‘luxury Starbuck refill cup’

  • Versace have released a £750 luxury travel mug studded with crystal 
  • Cup is made of aluminium and adorned with the face of Medusa, Greek gorgon 
  • Fans of Italian luxury brand have said the cup was a luxury Starbucks refill cups 

Versace’s £765 travel mug has raised some eyebrows among the brand’s fans. 

The Italian luxury fashion house’s keep cup, which is embellished with crystals, has become a sensation eyed-up by celebs and Vogue, who likened it to a new ‘it bag’, since it debuted last year. 

However, the hefty price tag of £765 for a large reusable cup has failed to impress everyone. 

‘Some bemused users have taken to social media to share their disbelief, with some calling the travel mug a ‘Starbucks refill cup.’

Italian luxury fashion house Versace have raised eye-brows with their travel cup, which retails at £750 (pictured)

The cup is 10 centimetres-wide and 21 centimenteres-high, and comes with a reusable straw and lid 

The mug, is available in four colours: blue, red, silver and black and gold, all in the same price. 

They’re about 10 centimetres-wide and 21 centimetres-high, and come with a reusable straw. 

Each up is made of aluminium and embellished with matted crystals, shaping up in the face of Medusa, the Gorgon from Greek mythology who could transform people to stone with her hair made of snakes. 

The top of the mug reads ‘Versace’ written in all caps, while the bottom is adorned with Greca borders long-associated with the brand.   

The cup in silver and gold, which also retails at £765. Do you think the status statement is worth the price tag? 

The accessory has even taken pride of place on the cover of Vogue, when Kate Moss posed with the accessory for the cover of the January 2021 issue 

The Italian designer website reads: “Take your coffee, smoothie of fruit juice to go in style with this travel mug that epitomizes the Versace glamour. 

‘There are keep cups and then there are Versace keep cups,’ Vogue wrote after supermodel Kate Moss clutched the cup on the cover of the magazine for the January 2021 edition.

While lovers of the will love to stand out with the dazzling travel mugs, others were put off by the hefty price.  

‘I mean, who doesn’t need a Versace Starbucks refill cup?’ one asked sarcastically.  

‘Vogue encouraging readers to purchase the Versace reusable cup at £700 is peak Patsy Stone,’ one joked, referencing the heroine from the comedy classic Absolutely Fabulous, starring Joanna Lumley. 

The mug is adorned with the face of Medusa, a gorgon from Greek mythology who can transform whoever looks her in the eyes into stone

Details of the eco-cup, which is made of aluminium. Vogue have called the cup the new ‘It-Bag’ after Kate Moss clutched it on their cover 

Worth forking out or too hard to swallow? The eco-cup comes with its own reusable straw and a crystal studded lid 

While one impressed fan of the brand said she ‘needed’ the bedazzled cup, others were baffled by why anyone would want to pay such a high price for the accessory 

Pictured: the Medusa cup in Black. All cups are decorated by the Greca motif associated with Versace 

The cup is available in four colours: blue, red and black, pictured, and silver. The black version made it on the cover of Vogue 

A look at the crystal detail on the top of the cup, which is surrounded by bigger crystal beads than the rest of the cup 

Would you buy a £765 keep cup made of aluminium? The Versace website said the travel mug, pictured in silver, can hold both hot and cold drinks

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