Viewers praise Call the Midwife’s illegal termination story line

‘Backstreet abortions were barbaric’: Viewers praise Call the Midwife’s ‘shocking’ illegal termination story line for highlighting the need for it to be legalised everywhere

  • Sunday night’s episode of Call the Midwife tackled the issue of illegal abortion 
  • Cath Hindman became gravely ill following a backstreet termination  
  • The character was left infertile for life after having the illegal procedure
  • Viewers were left highly emotional over the shocking story line  

Viewers have described last night’s episode of Call the Midwife as the ‘most emotional ever’ after it featured a harrowing story line about illegal abortion

In Sunday night’s installment of the BBC drama Cath Hindman (Emily Barber) finds herself in ‘the family way’ and feeling like she is unable to raise a child seeks out a backstreet termination.

However, without the proper medical equipment Cath’s abortion doesn’t go to plan and Cath’s sister Lesley Whyte (Jordan Stevens) takes her to Nonnatus House after she becomes increasingly unwell.

In shocking scenes we see Cath deliver the dead foetus before she is taken to hospital to be treated for an infection, despite her protests in fear that she will be arrested for having the illegal procedure.

Viewers were left highly emotional over last night’s episode of Call the Midwife which saw Cath (pictured) become gravely ill following a backstreet abortion

There, without her consent, doctors removed Cath’s womb after it had become damaged with ‘lacerations’ leaving her infertile for life.

The episode proved highly emotional for viewers who took to Twitter to praise the show for highlighting important issues surrounding abortion.

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One wrote: ‘Possibly the most emotional episode ever, and the writers never shy away from controversial story lines or highlighting social issues of the time. 

‘Such sensitivity and compassion shown. #CallTheMidwife remains my favourite BBC drama.’

Taking to Twitter viewers described the drama as ‘the most emotional episode ever’ admitted to being shocked by the story line 

Cath’s termination leads her to becoming infertile for life after she is persuaded to go to hospital despite her fears she would be arrested 

Agreeing another added: ‘Seeing the woman who had the abortion so upset and distraught is so heartbreaking.

‘Imagine  living in a place where abortions are banned and you have to live in fear?’

Many Twitter users pointed out that in Northern Ireland this is the case for many women.

The UK’s Abortion Act 1967 does not extend to the region, with Northern Irish residents travelling to the UK mainland for the procedure. 

Many viewers praised the show for highlighting the importance of legalising abortion worldwide

Jennifer Kirby who plays nurse Valerie Dyer says that she believes that the storyline is hugely relevant.

Speaking to the Radio Times she said: ‘I think [Call the Midwife creator] Heidi Thomas has a really amazing knack of pinpointing – maybe without realising when she’s starting to write it – how relevant an issue is going to be, to what we’re facing now, and sort of mirroring it back.



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