Virgo personality traits: What are Virgo star signs like? Positive & negative attributes

A horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future based on positions of the stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth. Each star sign has different attributes which creates a horoscope for that particular month.


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Virgos have many personality traits and their biggest one is being known for being sophisticated.

They belong to the Earth element of the zodiac. Earth signs are solid, reliable and practical. They have been described as the zodiac’s backbone.

A Virgo is represented by the Maiden. The maiden represents innocence, which is a big part of the Virgo symbol.

At the beginning of the year, Russell Grant, British astrologer said: “Demands and requests from family and workmates will take you by surprise.

“Suddenly everyone seems to think you have the time to drop everything for them.

“People are too quick to take advantage of your kindness and it is time to set some healthy boundaries.”

Virgos can be shy at first meeting, and it is important to earn their trust.

They expect perfection from themselves, and they may project those high standards on the other people in their life.

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According to Horoscope, because of how perfect Virgos want everything to be, this can often lead to fights with friends and partners.

They find it hard to go with the flow of life and accept being good enough – they find this a constant struggle.

They specialise at connecting to their physicality, and this Earth sign loves and celebrates physical connection with their partner.

The biggest love match for a Virgo is a Cancer.


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A Cancer is born between June 21 and July 22 and they both share their love for a physical connection.

Other love matches include a Taurus. They both match because they are two Earth signs, and they understand each other on a deep level.

According to Horoscope these two signs are happy to swap social media passwords; each knows that the other has nothing to hide.

Whichever sign a Virgo ends up with, this star sign loves hard and when they give their heart to someone, they give their everything.

However loving too hard can cause downfalls in a Virgos life as they can also feel very hurt when their heart is broken.

Virgos love thinking of the big picture and planning out their life, all of their holidays and goals.

This makes them feel in control of their life and they love that.

Intelligent and a lifelong partner, Virgo loves trying new things, reading books, learning about the world and most importantly, travelling the world.

They prefer nights in to nights out and consider an afternoon in bed with a book, an ideal day.

This star sign enjoys an empty calendar and doesn’t need to be doing things all the time to be content with their lives.

A Virgo much prefers an evening with a small group of good friends than attending a huge party, and values the time they spend with their friends as much as they value spending alone time.

V for virtuous
I for intelligent
R for responsible
G for generous
O for optimistic

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