‘The Voice’: Brynn Cartelli Reveals Advice She Got From Kelly Clarkson, Plans For An Album & More

After her big win on ‘The Voice,’ Brynn Cartelli dished about the great advice she got from coach Kelly Clarkson. Plus, what are her plans now that the show’s over?

In her very first season as a coach on The VoiceKelly Clarkson came out on top thanks to her team member, Brynn Cartelli, who was announced as the winner of the show during the season 14 finale. Kelly was by Brynn’s side every step of the way, and gave her advice that the 15-year-old will take with her as she continues her journey after the show. “The biggest lesson I learned from Kelly is, as she said, to have fun with this and not let you wrap it up and steal everything from you,” Brynn told HollywoodLife and other media outlets after the finale. “It is important to stay grounded and keep that normalcy in your life. She has definitely taught me that and reminded me of that.”

Of course, it helps that Kelly has already gone through such a similar experience to Brynn — she won American Idol when she was just 21 years old — so she was really able to give the teenager and her other artists a heads up about what to expect. “[She] told us how it felt and everything,” Brynn explained. “Just to know how it’s going to feel when you go into something like this. I think that’s really beneficial because some people don’t know what they’re going to feel like.”

So, now that she’s won…what’s next? “I’ve been thinking about my album that I want to create,” Brynn said. “I remember being in history class and I had my songs, my originals, that I really liked and I would list them in order of what I wanted to be or what I wanted my EP to be like.” Of course, she already has a good jumping off point — she debuted her first single, “Walk My Way,” written by Julia Michaels, during the May 21 episode of the show.

Plus, being on the show has inspired Brynn in a whole new way. “This experience has been really overwhelming for me since the beginning,” she admitted. “I was a completely unaware singer [before]. I was like, I had an idea, I had songs that I’ve written, but they weren’t that good. Through this whole experience — the people that I’ve met, the contestants, everyone behind the scenes, Kelly — everyone has shaped me. Seeing them inspired me to take bits and pieces of what I’ve learned and bring it to my own music. I’ve written so many songs about the people I’ve met and the experiences that I’ve had here.”

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