Wait, Katy and Orlando Are Astrologically Perfect Together???

On Valentine’s Day, while so many of us were scrolling through our Instafeeds, making our way through endless couple tributes, it was hard to miss the flower-shaped rock that landed on Katy Perry’s finger.

While it’s easy to speculate that the union might not last, given their on-again-off-again history, astrology is here for them. A deeper look at the pair’s birth charts reveals some serious compatibility, which is great, considering the whole marriage-and-possible-family thing! Here’s why they might actually last forever:

1. Looking Beyond the Sun Signs

Katy was born during Scorpio season (literally shocking to no one), which makes her sexual, passionate, and full of depth. Orlando’s a Capricorn, aka an earth sign that thrives from a practical sensibility and strong work ethic and is often snubbed as the zodiac’s snoozefest—thanks to their tireless, responsible nature. A wild night for a Capricorn includes getting in a few overtime hours at work and gleefully transferring money to their savings account.

It’s safe to assume Katy’s seeking the deeper mysteries in life, has an insatiable romantic appetite, and with her level of passion, never half-asses anything (CC: Her paint-roller-esque Balmain gown at the Grammy’s). So can a pragmatic and sometimes-boring Capricorn really keep up?

When a couple shares a sun and moon sign, there is a level of understanding and comfort that is intutive and effortless.

Luckily for Orlando, when he was born, the moon was in Scorpio, matching Katy’s sun sign. In our birth charts, our moon placement represents our emotions. It reveals our reactions, instincts, how we express and deal with our emotions, and our most inner needs.

When a couple shares a sun and moon sign, there is a level of understanding and comfort that is intuitive and effortless. Katy and Orlando sharing them in Scorpio, a deeply committed and intensely emotional sign, reveals the capacity for a long-term bond. One person’s outer persona, Katy’s sun, and the other person’s inner emotional needs, Orlando’s moon, are both fulfilled by their partner. The sun and moon are a natural complement to each other—it’s a true meeting of ying and yang.

This aspect is often found in charts of successful marriage partners and definitely explains why the pair felt comfortable enough to wander through Tokyo dressed in Mario and Luigi onesies.

2. First Comes Astrologically Strong Love, Then Comes Marriage

So they get each other—that’s sweet, but sadly, that’s not enough to glue anyone together for life. When comparing couple’s birth charts, there have to be some long-term aspects from Saturn, the lord of time.

When one person’s long-term planning Saturn shares a sign with another person’s marriage asteroid, you’ve hit the astrological jackpot.

Saturn’s a funky planet—it can be a total Debbie Downer, creating restriction or nay-saying tendencies. But it’s a very karmic planet and it’s binding, so if you’re looking to tie the knot, you better have some seriously positive Saturn aspects with your boo.

Katy and Orlando have the slam dunk of Saturn aspects: Her Saturn in Scorpio links up directly with his Juno in Scorpio. (Nope, we’re not paging Ellen Page here.) Juno is an ancient asteroid that is a key player in reading compatibility—it describes the ideal marriage partner a person is seeking. Orlando’s Juno is in Scorpio, and Katy’s a Scorpio, which is just the tip of the astrological iceberg.

When one person’s long-term planning Saturn shares a sign with another person’s marriage asteroid, you’ve hit the astrological jackpot. What Orlando seeks in terms of his ideal mate (his Juno) is fulfilled by the type of stability Katy’s Saturn brings to the relationship.

3. I Love You to the (Literal) Moon and Back

And now, the grand finale confirmation that Katy and Orlando are destined to defy the odds of Hollywood’s high divorce rate: Her North Node links up directly with his moon. In an individual’s birth chart, one of the most significant points is the North Node, a mathematical point in a birth chart which holds the secrets to our greatest life lessons, our destiny, and the path of where we are headed in this life.

When one person’s North Node makes a connection with another person’s personal planet, the partnership can feel fated and serve as the nail-in-the-coffin of love that keeps you together until death do you part. With Katy’s North Node sitting right on top of Orlando’s moon in their birth charts, we have a pairing that not only carries all those qualities but a union that is also built to explore the emotional depths that partnerships offer.

The moon is often referred to as one of the most important planets when it comes to relationship compatibility. Having a North Node-moon connection reveals a pair who instinctually knows how to care for each other, instantly views one another as family, and feels a strong sense they’ve found their home with the other.

In other words, this wedding’s about to have some serious fireworks (sorry, not sorry). Hats off to the literal Lord of the Ring Orlando for his over-the-top Valentine’s Day proposal. It’s certainly just a precursor for what’s to come on the big day (and totally a nod to their overzealous, mushy sun-moon Scorpio connection). Congrats bbs, and may the stars ever be in your favor!

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