Waitrose has launched a Biscoff cheesecake and customers can’t get enough

Lotus Biscoff is having a moment.

Recently we announced Costa had teamed up with Lotus Biscoff to create a brand new muffin.

The cake has a caramel spread centre and biscuit top and it's safe to say fans went wild.

And now Waitrose if getting in on the action.

  • Costa selling Lotus Biscoff muffins with a caramel spread centre and biscuit top

The store has announced a brand new cheesecake.

But the creamy vanilla creation has a Lotus Biscuit offering.

Waitrose has teamed up with the English Cheesecake Company to make the cheesecake/Biscoff hybrid available.

It's called the Luxury Vanilla Cheesecake with Lotus Biscoff and looks absolutely delicious.

And by the sounds of the reviews, it tastes that good too.

The creamy vanilla cheesecake is described as being "swirled and topped with delicious Lotus Biscoff spread and crumb on a crunchy digestive biscuit base."

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A pack of two single slices of the cake will cost £2.63 while a six inch cake will cost £4.

One reviewer commented: "Tried this cheesecake today as myself and my husband are big fans of lotus biscoff, the first bite was heaven then as you had more you didn't want it to end.

"One of the best cheesecakes we have had in a long time. Will be buying the big one next time!"

Another added: "Lovely mixture of crunch and creaminess. Quite sweet, so those who don't have a sweet tooth should be aware that it may not be for them."

A third wrote: "OMG what a wonderful cheesecake. Perfect for family and individual alike, if you like Biscoff this is the desert for you."

However, many also pointed out that it was a bit too sweet for them.

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