Walmart In Talks With TV Executive About Exploring A New Streaming Service

The retail giant and former Epix CEO are currently discussing costs.

Mark Greenberg is reportedly in talks with Walmart, discussing a television streaming service collaboration. The potential project is still in early stages and nothing has been formally greenlit, accordingly to Deadline. Greenberg and Walmart are not expected to make a decision as to whether they will move forward until sometimes late this summer, possibly even early fall.

If Walmart and Greenberg decide to go with the streaming service, then such a development could be a challeng to other dominating streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, AT&T, and Amazon. Walmart would likely target middle American tastes in programming.

This would not be the first time Walmart has dabbled in a streaming service, as the company bought Vudu back in 2010. Vudu is an online film streaming service where viewers have the options to both rent and buy digital copies of various films across numerous genres. Should Walmart and Greenberg come together and create a television streaming prgram, Deadline cites that this service would be separate from the Vudu venture, which according to the figures, has lagged behind other film streaming counterparts such as Amazon Prime Video.

No word on if the content for any potential Walmart television streaming service would include original television or movies has yet to be stated. If a collaboration does take place, those familiar with how Walmart does its competitive pricing would likely argue that the company would possibly take its price cutting into a streaming service as well. Speculations such as that are hearsay at this point, but if those points turn out to be true, then it’s likely that Walmart’s television streaming service would offer a much lower monthly subscription rate when in comparison with rivals such as Hulu and Netflix, as well as others in the streaming space.

Cable industry veteran, Mark Greenberg is former Epix CEO. His body of work also includes HBO and Showtime. Industry sources have confirmed in a Wall Street Journal report, cited by Variety, that Greenberg is indeed in talked with Walmart, scoping our the potential VOD subscription service. They say he and Walmart are talking about price points, content, and a design that will appeal to Walmart’s core base of customers. The retail giant, Walmart, on the other hand, has declined to comment on its streaming video service project, most likely wishing to keep the information under wraps until a more concrete decision is made between the company and Greenberg.

According to what information has been leaked so far in the Wall Street Journal report, Variety claims the talk of Walmart’s streaming service monthly subscription amount is being mulled around $8.00 USD.

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