Warning to homeowners as using key safe could invalidate insurance

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Key safes are a great way of securely storing your keys so visitors can let themselves in, whether that be a carer, a dog walker or perhaps your property is a holiday let. That being said, you should check which type of key safe you are using to make sure it does not invalidate your home insurance.

Insurance experts at comparison site Go Compare suggest doing your research before investing in a key safe, as some offer more security than others.

They said: “You should be choosy about which type you install. Poorly designed key safes that can easily be broken into pose a security risk, so opt for something that’s well-made, robust and durable.”

Key safes that are police-approved or have the “Secured by Design” label are the most reliable as they can better withstand physical attack.

Go Compare also advises that you check your home insurance policy, and if you cannot find anything about key safes, to get in touch with your insurer, as some might say that having a key safe will void your homeowner’s insurance, or they might only accept certain models.

Additionally, providers may specify certain guidelines.

This might include having the key safe professionally installed or put in a discreet location, as well as limiting who has access to your key code to a select group of people you can trust.

Go Compare added: “There’s lots you can do to minimise the risk of your key safe being compromised.”

They propose choosing a difficult number combination, only sharing the code with a small number of people, changing the code regularly, not installing it right next to the front door, but also not installing it somewhere a burglar could easily hide while they break into it.

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