Was Kate Middleton Spotted In Tears After Her Recent Encounter With Rose Hanbury?

It has only been two months since her husband’s cheating scandal made headlines, yet Kate Middleton was forced to confront Prince William’s rumored mistress last week. Middleton and Rose Hanbury were both on hand for a banquet celebrating Donald Trump’s first state visit to the UK, and the former friends were seated feet from each other at the dinner table. Middleton barely said anything to Hanbury at the banquet, which didn’t exactly quell the feud rumors.

How did Kate Middleton respond to meeting Hanbury?

Inside sources claim that Middleton did not handle her meetingwith Hanbury well. According to NewIdea, Middleton almost broke down in tears after seeing Hanbury atthe banquet. She also rushed to see Queen Elizabeth’s top staffer to make surethat Hanbury was moved to the other side of the banquet hall. Her Majestyallegedly approved the request, but only because she thought Middleton might leavealtogether if she was forced to sit near Hanbury.

Hanbury was at the royal engagement because her husband, DavidRocksavage, is the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. Due to his title, Rocksavageis required to attend important events, and Trump’s visit to London qualifiedas one.


Hanbury, of course, accompanied her husband to the dinner, thoughshe successful arrived and departed the event without crossing paths with Kate Middleton.

Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton experience a falling out

There was a time not too long ago when Hanbury and Middleton weregood friends. Hanbury and her husband live a few minutes away from the Duke andDuchess of Cambridge and often scheduled playmates for their children.

Their friendship, however, took a turn for the worse a few monthsago. Sources claim that Middleton no longer wanted to be friends with Hanburyand began to phase the former model out of her life.

The insiders did not say why Kate Middleton abruptly decided toditch Hanbury, though royal watchers had a few good theories. A lot of fanssuspected that the real reason Middleton did not want Hanbury around is becauseWilliam was having an affair with her. Between the cheating rumors and the feudtalk, it is no wonder that Middleton did not want anything to do with Hanburyat the banquet.

“During their car journey, Kate told William he wasn’t allowed to even make eye contact with Rose, let alone greet her or strike up a conversation with her,” a source revealed.

Did Kate Middleton almost break down in tears at the dinner?

Although Middleton avoided Hanbury at all cost, the tensionbetween the two parties was obvious. Even Trump allegedly commented on thestrange atmosphere, which prompted a joke by Camilla.

After Camilla mentioned something about Middleton gettinginvolved in a “silly squabble,” the Duchess of Cambridge allegedlyfled the scene crying her eyes out. Although she managed to keep her composure,a new development could push Middleton over the edge.

Sources now claim that Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, hasstruck up a friendship with Hanbury. Middleton has been on the lookout eversince and reportedly believes Hanbury is up to no good.

Unfortunately, Kate Middleton is also finding it hard to surroundherself with people she trusts. It is unclear how Middleton will handle thesituation, but things are not looking good for her and William.

What about William’s alleged affair?

So far, there has been several reports that indicate Williamcheated on Middleton with Hanbury, though it is important to note that no solidevidence has surfaced to backup these claims. Insiders believe that Hanbury andWilliam’s affair is why Middleton attempted to kick her out of their circle offriends.

That said, other sources claim that Hanbury and Middleton aredoing just fine and are not in the middle of an epic feud.

Despite the debunking attempts, many royal watchers are convincedthat something else is going on between Middleton and Hanbury. Unfortunately,Hanbury will likely attend future royal engagements, though it is safe to saythat the former friends will be seated far from each other in the near future.


Rocksavage received a large inheritance, which included Cholmondeley Castle. The estate is located in Cheshire. Rocksavage and Hanbury have remained silent of the past few months, as have Prince William and Kate Middleton. Until something official is confirmed, the speculation will likely continue.

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