Watch bloke eat the entire McDonald’s Christmas menu in just 24 minutes

A bloke ate the entire 9,600 calorie McDonald'sChristmas menu in just one sitting and said it was an "easy" challenge.

Kyle Gibson, a competitive eater, is no stranger to whopping Man vs Food-style portions and managed to polish off the mammoth-sized meal in 24 minutes.

In the past, the 23-year-old, of Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, has eaten his way through the full Five Guys and KFC menu, as well as items from Lidl's bakery section.

For his latest challenge, he took on the McDonald's Christmas menu and didn't even break a sweat.

The food, which had 9,600 calories, included:

  • Three festive crispy chicken stack burgers
  • Three festive stacks (beef)
  • Two cheese share boxes
  • Eight festive pies
  • Two Celebrations McFlurries

And after finishing it all off, he told Chronicle Live : "That was an easy one."

He also gave his views on the food and said he liked the crispy chicken burgers but was not a fan of the beef festive stacks.

Kyle has been taking part in tough eating contests for several years and keeps his followers updated on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

He says that when he is not taking part in super-sized challenges, he eats healthily and exercises every day.

"I had just worked out before doing the McDonald's Christmas menu and I was quite hungry," said Kyle. "I was able to finish it all quite easily.

"I train in the gym seven days a week. I do a lot of boxing, weightlifting, and cardio.

"I usually eat quite healthily and have low-calorie food. When I do big challenges, that is my big meal of the day.

"I make sure I keep myself healthy during the other days of the week."

Kyle also regularly supports charities. He recently donated nearly £1,000 worth of toys and selection boxes to Mission Christmas at B&M Stores.

He said: "I genuinely believe that no child should go without a present on Christmas."

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