Watch Jennifer Lopez Take an Epic Fall on Stage and Recover Like a Pro

Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas residency is almost over, so RUN DON’T WALK to ~Sin City~ and see her in action. Or, if you’re busy, you can just watch this clip of her falling directly on her butt and then hopping up like a total pro, ’cause it’s pretty inspiring.

Yep, turns out our forever fave Jenny from the Block took a minor spill, which—TBQH—looked like it was extremely painful. But check out how she handled her comeback:

This is how you handle a fall like a pro @JLo

J.Lo went ahead and popped up, shook a few hands of several super lucky fans that I’m deeply jealous of, and went on her merry way being an icon/living legend. In other words, dancing too hard and then falling over in Las Vegas (wow, it me) has never been more relatable.

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