Watch Jim Jefferies Replace Weatherman Brad Pitt With Seth Rogen

See ya! Brad Pitt lost his position as the weatherman on The Jim Jefferies Show when the host replaced him with Seth Rogen.

The 54-year-old actor periodically dropped by Jim Jefferies’ series to warn viewers about the effects of climate change. In his stead, Rogen took a much different approach, appearing as an oil company spokesperson during the Tuesday, August 14, episode.

“There’s a new sponsor for your show. They’re called Organic Industrial Liquids, and they decided to bring me in,” the Like Father actor, 36, joked. “Cole Clean’s the name, and boy, hasn’t it been a hell of a year. The best year of weather ever in Earth’s history.”

After encouraging Jefferies to stick to the “facts,” Rogen’s character quipped, “Did you know birds love oil spills because it means they get a warm dish soap bath? And this one’s very neat: Once there’s enough plastic in the ocean, we’ll be able to walk to Europe.”

Eventually, Jefferies, 41, came around to his new sponsor’s line of thinking. “I think that if oil is so bad, why would they put it on salads?” he reasoned.

Pitt reprised his role as the weatherman in May 2018, though Jefferies revealed the Fight Club star’s cameo was clipped from leftover footage recorded a year earlier. “He also recorded a whole heap of stuff just on the phone,” the comedian told IndieWire in May. “Sometimes it will be the middle of the night and I’ll get a text message from Brad Pitt, and it would be him in Venice on a canal, doing his own script and everything.”

Jefferies hinted at replacing Pitt at the time: “I might be ballsy enough to text him in a few days and ask him … but I feel like leaving him alone now, I think he’s done enough. He was just super nice and asked to do the show. He liked my standup. I think possibly after he met me he was less enamored.”

The Jim Jefferies Show airs on Comedy Central Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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