Watch Meghan Markle apply makeup in the back of a cab

THAT’s a skill she won’t be needing anymore! Meghan Markle does her make-up in the back of an UBER in newly-unearthed video campaign for Bobbi Brown

  • In September 2016, Meghan, now 36 appeared in a joint campaign for Bobbi Brown and Uber
  • The video shows the star retouching her make-up in the back of a cab
  • She filmed the campaign about two months after she met Prince Harry, when she was still participating in brand partnerships
  • Meghan also mentions in the clip that she had a meeting about possibly being in a movie, which we now know did not come to fruition 

While Meghan Markle has picked up a few new skills since getting engaged to Prince Harry — the curtsy, the wave, the Duchess Slant — it’s safe to say that there are a few things she mastered in her previous life as a commoner that she will no longer need.

Take, for instance, the ability to touch up her make-up in the back seat of a moving vehicle — which the 36-year-old star proved she’s a total pro at in a newly-unearthed beauty campaign from before the royal engagement.

Back in September of 2016, Meghan joined Bobbi Brown to promote some of her brand’s latest products, and even demonstrated how easy it is to apply them in the back of a car.

Look who it is! Newly-unearthed images show Meghan Markle with make-up brand boss Bobbi Brown 

Touch-up time: Meghan collaborated with Bobbi on a beauty campaign in 2016

On the go, girl! The actress is seen in photos and video touching up her make-up in the back of an Uber

When you’re in a hurry… Meghan easily and expertly applies concealer in the moving car

While images and video of Meghan from the campaign were first released nearly two years ago, they appear to have flown mostly under-the-radar.

At the time, she had only just met Prince Harry a couple months prior, in July of 2016, and was still pursuing her acting career. In fact, the pair was only publicly linked together for the first time that month.

She reportedly met Prince Charles that September as well, but didn’t meet Prince William until November.

During that exciting time, she teamed up with Bobbi Brown for the Bobbi Brown x Uber Retouch campaign.

In a video shared on Bobbi Brown’s Facebook account, Meghan joins the beauty brand boss in the back of an Uber in New York City.

Flashback: The campaign was initially released in September of 2016

Timeline: Meghan had met Prince Harry about two months before — and reportedly met his dad, Prince Charles, the same month she filmed the video

Pay day: At the time, she was still acting on Suits and teaming up on brand partnerships

Well that’s over: It seems unlikely Meghan will ever need her moving-car-make-up-skills again

She does! Meghan is set to marry Harry on Saturday, May 19, in St. George’s Chapel

She’s wearing a blush-colored blouse and high-waisted skirt, with her brown hair down around her shoulders.

‘We’re on hiatus from Suits so I am meeting some producers about a film, fingers crossed!’ she tells Bobbi.

Of course, that film never happened for Meghan, though it’s not known whether that’s because she didn’t get the part or because things were getting serious with Prince Harry.

Bobbi tells her that she wants to show her son things from her new Retouching product line. 

‘I don’t know if you know this, but I do my make-up in the back of a car,’ Bobbi says, before handing over a Retouching Wand and a compact to Meghan.

Cute! In the video, she reacts with glee and surprise when Bobbi’s phone plays Big Poppa as its ringtone

Plans: She also tells Bobbi that Suits is on hiatus, and she is on her way to a meeting about potentially being in a movie

How that ends: She never ended up being in that movie, though she did fall in love with The One

Aha! Bobbi explained to her that the idea for the Retouching products came about because she herself does her make-up in the car

Ommm… The two pretend to meditate for a moment in the video

In touch: When they hug and say goodbye, Bobbi tells Meghan to text her later

Business chic: Meghan wore a tight skirt and a blush blouse for the video

The Suits star — whose make-up already looks flawless — dots a bit on her chin and a tad more on her forehead, rubbing it in as she raves about how well it blends. 

Bobbi next hands her a Retouching Pencil in the medium-to-dark shade, which Meghan uses to cover a spot on her forehead. She also uses a lighter pencil under eyes, applying it like a pro until Bobbi’s phone goes off and interrupts the moment.

Meghan opens her mouth in surprise as she hears the Notorious B.I.G.’s song ‘Big Poppa’ playing out of the speakers. She dances to it for a moment until Bobbi turns it off.

They also briefly pretend to meditate before applying more make-up.

All set with touch-ups, Meghan gives Bobbi a hug as the make-up guru says to ‘text me later,’ and Meghan climbs out of the car, studded Valentino heels first.

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