Watch Political Spokesperson Make Hilarious Face After Getting Schooled On Air

It was a rough night for anyone having to do with Roy Moore, but especially for this guy on CNN.

In an interview with Jake Tapper, Roy Moore spokesman Ted Crockett looked like a fish out of water. Over the course of their ten-minute interview, Tapper asked Crockett what he thought about the allegations of sexual assault and pedophilia that surrounded Moore, to which he responded that they were all lies from left-leaning media outlets.

“All you’re trying to do is smear the man,” Crockett said after Tapper showed both a video and radio interview where Moore contradicted his recollection of the nine women that came forward to accuse him of assault while they were still children.

The heated interview eventually turned to Moore’s controversial views on Muslims and homosexuals. Tapper showed a 2005 interview where Moore said that “homosexual conduct should be illegal,” and asked Crockett if the Senate candidate still believed that today.

“This country was founded on the Christian Bible,” Crockett began, before Tapper corrected him by saying the United States was actually founded on the separation of Church and state.

Crockett then went on to become evasive, until Tapper finally pinned him down with the point-blank question. “Does [Roy Moore] think that homosexual conduct should be illegal?” He asked, before qualifying, “It’s a yes or no question.”

After a long pause, Crockett reluctantly replied: “Probably.”

Tapper then went on to question Crockett as to what the punishment should be if homosexuality were to be illegal. “It’s just a sin, okay?” Crockett replied. “You people want to take the whole two-three thousand years of our history, and y’all just want to throw it out the window as if you’re just gonna make your own rules – your own man-made rules – and do whatever you want.”

Things really got interesting when he asked Crockett about Moore’s views on Muslims serving in office. Crockett repeated Moore’s view that Muslims cannot become elected officials because they have to swear on the bible, to which Tapper again makes a correction.

“You don’t actually have to swear on a Christian bible, you can swear on anything really. I don’t know if you knew that,” Tapper replies to a stunned and silent Crockett.

After looking like a deer caught in the headlights for several pregnant seconds, Tapper twists the knife. “Did-did you not know that?”

There was another long pause before Crockett managed, “I know that Donald Trump did it when we made him President.”

“Because he’s Christian and he picked it,” Tapper said, before ending the interview with the still stunned Crockett.

Check out the exchange below – the look on Crockett’s face is priceless.

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