We Investigated Yung Gravy's Snack Expertise During Our 'Expensive Taste Test'

Nailing our Expensive Taste Test really hinges on three things: instinct, experience, and drive. You’ve got to want to win. Sure, the game’s just about picking which random item is more expensive than the other, but that can be an incredibly difficult task!

In previous episodes, guests tend to do well when the goods they’re presented with strongly align with their personal brand. Like, OFC the Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey would have an eagle eye for good holiday decor. And it only makes sense that Hyram, the skincare guru can easily identify a high-quality face mask!

With that in mind, today’s episode features the rapper Yung Gravy, whose stage name implies that he’d pretty much be a food connoisseur, right? In order to test this out, we sent Mr. Gravy a host of different snacks to try. I’m talking gumballs, pork rinds, cheese puffs, you name it. All stuff you’d be surprised to see an expensive version of. But lucky for us, $15 pork rinds exist (IDK why.) We just had to see if Yung Gravy could tell the difference between those and the regular kind. Watch for yourself and find out.

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