We want this Minnie bunny pinata from Disney in our Easter basket

Who said Easter goodies are just for kids?

You can bring your Easter baskets to a whole new level for the whole family with these Disney springtime treats at The Ganachery, located in Disney Springs.

Some of the biggest Instagrammable treats this season to have on your radar include the Minnie bunny piñata and The Ganachery chocolate bunny.

Minnie bunny piñata

This fun chocolate treat is a milk chocolate sphere decorated with a cute Minnie headband and bunny ears. The best part is that you get to break the piñata open with a wooden hammer to reveal the chocolate eggs inside!

“Everyone wears Minnie ears around the park, and we thought it would be funny if Minnie Mouse was wearing bunny ears,” The Ganachery’s chef chocolatier Amanda Lauder told “GMA.”

The Ganachery chocolate bunny

The Ganachery bunny is made with a creamy milk chocolate surrounded by flavored chocolate eggs, and it’s available until April 21.

You can also add some adorable spring ganache chocolate pops to your order at Disney’s chocolate boutique!

The pops are available until May 31.

The Ganachery s’more

Another seasonal favorite for summertime camp outs and cookouts that the shop is bringing back is the s’more. It’s a fun, Mickey-inspired twist on an American classic.

“We get a lot of guests from around the world and it’s really well known to Americans and not really well known to people from other countries,” Lauder said. “So it’s very interesting for us to get guests that come in that have no idea what a s’mores is and they want to try it.”

This one is made with graham cracker that is made from scratch and house-made vanilla bean marshmallow. Then it is spread with salted caramel ganache and sprinkled with maldon sea salt. To finish it off, it’s covered with a layer of dark 65% chocolate, which is custom to The Ganachery.

If you want the perfect Instagrammable Disney treat, look no further than the s’more.

“You gotta get that s’mores shot with that powered Mickey Mouse head on top!” Lauder told “GMA.”

The Ganachery S’more is available until Sept. 30.

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