Well dressed Rishi! Stylist reveals the love of skin-tight shirts

The secret to dressing like Dishy Rishi! Chancellor wears bespoke £1,300 ankle-skimming suits and £160 tailored shirts to create a ‘streamlined’ look and upmarket athletic wear from ethical labels

  • Chancellor ‘Dishy’ Rishi Sunak unveiled his Budget at lunchtime yesterday
  • The MP opted to wear his uniform of a slim-fitting navy blue suit for the occasion 
  • Stylists have revealed how Rishi has adopted an expensive luxe uniform for role
  • The politician often wears £160 hand-crafted shirts and bespoke navy suits 
  • Has also been spotted in grey knitted Everlane hoody and £170 Barbour jacket 
  • Wife Akshata Murthy, daughter of one of India’s richest men, runs a fashion label 

Rishi Sunak may have tightened the fiscal nation’s belt yesterday as he delivered the Budget, but stylists have revealed his wardrobe is no expenses spared, with a uniform of £160 skin-tight handcrafted shirts and £1,300 ankle-skimming suits.

The politician, dubbed ‘Dishy Rishi’ by his female fans, recently marked a year in the role of Chancellor, which has seen his profile soar from a relatively unknown minister to one of the nation’s most recognisable politicians, with the help of a well-oiled PR operation.

The multi-millionaire has also become renowned for his trendy fashion sense, with Rishi splashing the cash on expensive tailors to fit both his slim-fitting shirts and navy suit trousers that finish well above the ankle.  

Stylists told FEMAIL 5’6 Sunak, who often shares photos wearing upmarket athletic wear from ethical labels and trendy Barbour jackets, uses clever tricks to ‘elongate his body’.

Celebrity stylist Lucas Armitage revealed: ‘Politicians are not known for processing the greatest wardrobes, yes Boris I’m looking at you, yet Rishi is always extremely well presented.’

Rishi Sunak may have tightened the fiscal nation’s belt yesterday as he delivered the Budget, but stylists have revealed his wardrobe is no expenses spared, with uniform of £160 skin-tight handcrafted shirts and £1,000 ankle-skimming suits (pictured yesterday) 

The chancellor has become known for his love of slimfitting trousers and shirts, which the multimillionaire has custom made from expensive tailors 

Lucas said the chancellor’s wife Akshata Murthy, daughter of one of India’s richest men, could be behind his stylish looks.

Akshata runs a fashion label and can no doubt offer advice to the MP about his sense of style and tailoring. 

Lucas revealed: ‘It’s important to note Rishi’s wife is the daughter of a fashion mogul so access to bespoke tailors wouldn’t be an issue and perhaps she has had an influence on his impeccable style choices.’ 

He said the key to Rishi’s look appears to be ‘clever tricks’ employed by expensive tailors.

Meanwhile Rishi has shown off an array of grey hoodies during candid photoshoots at Number 11, including a woolen knit from American brand Everlane 

The chancellor regularly wears a dark navy suit, which comes from upmarket tailor Henry Herbert, whose services start at a whopping £1,295. 

The pieces, which are described online as ‘true to the highest standards of traditional Savile Row tailoring’, are crafted using fabrics sourced from mills in England and Scotland.  

Lucas revealed: ‘At standing just under 5’7 and processing a slim frame it’s appears to me a whole lot of clever tricks have been employed by his tailor to keep him look slick and well proportioned.

‘Firstly I notice the lapels in his blazers are always very slim, this helps keep narrow shoulders to look slightly broader (the opposite trick can be used if you are particularly broad – opt for a wider lapel). 

Rishi’s VERY expensive wardrobe

Henry Herbert suits: start at £1,295

The Italian Artisan shirts: start at £160

Everlane hoodies: £46 

Barbour jacket: £170  

‘The trouser length on Rishi is always slightly short on the break, most opt for a trouser to break on the shoe but I feel Rishi may opt to cut the trouser a little higher for a lengthening effect. 

‘The trouser bunching on the shoe would add bulk and make Rishi appear shorter in stature so having a slim leg breaking above the shoe keeps things streamline.’

Meanwhile celebrity stylist Rochelle White agreed, revealing: ‘I feel that Rishi’s style for short trousers is a mix of comfort and style. 

‘I think he is very aware of his body and what works well for him and builds that into his look.

‘The short trousers are practical for everyday wear and more comfortable. They help to elongate his legs and body.’

And it’s not only his suits which Rishi prefers to have fitted perfectly to his frame, with the politician also opting for bespoke shirts from Italian brand The The Travelling Artisan, crafted by aged seamstresses in Veneto.

Its founder Tullio Innocenti previously described Sunak to The Telegraph as a ‘perfectionist’ who chooses slim, contemporary cuts to compliment his build.

He revealed the politician will often have no fewer than three fittings to perfect his shirts, which start from £160.

Lucas said choosing to go bespoke was a clever move for the father-of-two, explaining: ‘We often see Rishi in impeccably fitted shirts which I believe will all be custom made for him.

‘Shirts are tricky to get a good fit from due to the fact shifting material traditional has no give or stretch so many gents do opt for trailer made.

In a budget video released earlier this month, Rishi showed his support for the British high street as he donned his £170 wax jacket from Barbour 

The politician appears to have a uniform of slim-fitting and contemporary cuts in shirts and suits  (pictured yesterday) 

‘In keeping with his lapel choices he also keeps the collar and tie slim to further help keep the proportion to the overal look.’

Rochelle agreed, adding: ‘He knows his body shape well and having shirts that are tailored to him and his shape provides a much sleeker and well put together look.

‘Having a fitted shirt offers a more flattering fit for any wearer as most of the time they gently taper in the waist. 

‘It also offers more freedom with movement around the arms, chest and upper back.’

In his latest batch of behind-the-scenes photos released at the weekend, the Chancellor could be seen hamming up his finance savvy in a Stanford University sweatshirt – where he mastered his trade after obtaining an MBA from their graduate business school in 2006.

Last month, the multimillionaire hammed up his finance savvy by wearing his Stanford University sweater and a pair of sweatpants from premium athletic wear brand Reigning Champ

He paired the dressed-down look with £125 sweatpants by Canadian brand Reigning Champ, which describes online ‘designing and manufacturing premium athletic wear’, for the shoot. 

On its website, the label, which was founded in 2007 and is based in Vancouver, describes being ‘guided by the principles of respecting the details and master simplicity.’ 

And it’s far from the first time the politician has been photographed in a more casual outfit, having previously posed for snaps in a selection of different grey woolen hoodies. 

In November, Rishi posed for photographs wearing a neutral coloured knit from Everlane and costing £46. 

The American brand prides itself on ethical factories and total transparency in the supply chain and pricing.   

Rishi and his wife Akshata live with their daughters Krishna and Anoushka at home in Downing Street Pictured: Sunak with his wife, Akshata, and their children Krishna and Anoushka

Meanwhile in a recent video ahead of the Budget, the MP opted to wear a relaxed wax jacket from Barbour, which costs £170. 

Rochelle previously suggested the choices were intentional, with the MP hoping to appear relatable to the British public, explaining: ‘I think he wants to relate to the general public and show that he is not necessarily uptight and formal all the time.

‘His casual look I feel is to show that he is just everyone else and has a relaxed/ trendy look.

‘I think there could be an element of everyone working from home and not being as dressed up in workwear every day.’     

Mr Sunak is the son of a GP father and pharmacist mother who emigrated to Southampton from East Africa in the 1960s, and he studied at Oxford University before winning a Fulbright scholarship to Stanford where he met his future wife Akshata.

Sunak is locally he is dubbed the ‘Maharaja of the Dales’ (pictured, their magnificent Georgian manor in North Yorkshire)

Akshata and Rishi now live with their daughters Krishna and Anoushka at home in Downing Street.

Akshata has shares in her family’s tech firm that are worth £430million, making her one of Britain’s wealthiest women with £80million more cash than the Queen. Her father is worth an estimated £2.3billion ($3.1bn).    

She is the daughter of one of the richest men in India – billionaire N. R. Narayana Murthy – who has been described as the father of the Indian IT sector and ‘one of the 12 greatest businessmen of all time’. 

Sunak and Akshata married in 2009 in her home city of Bangalore in a two-day ceremony attended by 1,000 guests. 

Before entering politics, Mr Sunak, studied at the £42,000-per-year Winchester College and later at Oxford University.  

During his time in business, he worked in California, India and Britain for various investment firms including Goldman Sachs.  He later set up his own business, Theleme Partners, in 2010 with an initial fund of £536million. 

While building the hedge fund he spent a couple of days doing voluntary work for the Conservatives, which was when he decided to go into politics full-time. 

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