Wendy Williams: Why She Hit Her Breaking Point & Filed For Divorce From Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams just couldn’t deal with Kevin Hunter’s alleged infidelity anymore. Despite anxiety over leaving her husband of 19 years, felt she absolutely had to leave, we learned exclusively.

A solid relationship is built on love and trust, and Wendy Williams no longer had that in her marriage to Kevin Hunter. Wendy finally filed for divorce from her husband of 22 years on April 11, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to the docs, because she just couldn’t take it anymore! The decision to file has “been a long time coming,” a source close to the talk show host told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Wendy hit her breaking point,” they said. She lost total trust in [Kevin], and once that trust was gone, it was the final straw.” And while Wendy knew about his infidelity at the beginning (she confirmed that he cheated on her in 2000 in her memoir Wendy’s Got the Heat), finding out he allegedly had a mistress for another decade just sealed the deal. Wendy is DONE with her man!

While divorcing Kevin is “heartbreaking and terrifying” for Wendy, her friends have her back. “Her whole inner circle is happy that she is standing up for herself. She’s taking back her power,” the source added. Kevin is not only Wendy’s husband, but her manager and an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show, which began in 2008. Their professional relationship just as intimate as their personal life. It’s totally understandable that Wendy would be frightened by leaving a man whom she’s known, loved, and worked with for two decades. But, we have a feeling that this courageous woman is going to be just fine!

Wendy confirmed on April 11 that she served Kevin with divorce papers — allegedly on the set of her talk show, according to TMZ. Now that’s a power move. Kevin was blindsided by this because he never thought Wendy would leave him, a source close to the producer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Kevin is rocked by this divorce. Despite all of his mistakes in life and their relationship, he has a lot of love for Wendy and is stunned that it is finally coming to an end,” they said. Kevin isn’t just heartbroken, they added. “Kevin believed that Wendy would depend on him for everything forever, so he did not think that she would ever have the courage to leave him.” Boy, bye!

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