Why ‘Westworld’ Probably Won’t Be Visiting The Movie’s Medieval World In Season 2

With just two initials, "SW," the Westworld Season 1 finale opened up the possibility for more robot theme parks and storytelling possibilities from other genres. Shogun World is coming — and what next? Will Medieval World be in Westworld Season 2? Not all Delos hosts wear cowboy hats; fans know that for certain.

Why medieval? It’s not just a longing for more Game of Thrones that sparked the idea. The original Westworld movie from writer Michael Crichton includes three different robot theme parks: Westworld, Roman World, and Medieval World. In October 2017 at a Vanity Fair summit, when asked why Roman World and Medieval World were left out of Season 1, co-creator Jonathan Nolan said, “we had to save something for Season 2," according to Deadline. Then again, he and his wife joked about "Jersey World" on the red carpet of the Season 2 premiere with Variety. After the Great Westworld Rickrolling Of 2018, it’s hard to know what to trust.

Additionally, the "Delos Destinations" website that fans discovered thanks to an Easter egg in the Westworld Season 2 trailer reveals that there are a grand total of six Delos parks overall. Westworld and Shogun World are just the first two. Could one of Parks 3-6 be Medieval? It’s entirely possible.

However, that reveal may not come in Season 2. According to the official HBO press release, these are the new actors and characters joining the show in Season 2:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the added characters are mostly human. Strand, Maling, and Costa "find themselves in an unpredictable environment" while trying to restore order in the park. Grace is "a seasoned guest in Westworld whose latest visit comes at the park’s darkest hour," Craddock is a Major in the military, and Nicholas is "a charming and resourceful man who finds himself in unchartered territory."

As for the rest, one can presume that James Delos is on the Delos board of directors and possibly related to Ben Barnes’ character Logan. Names like Musashi, Akane, Hanaryo, and Sakura are all Japanese in origin, and are probably associated with Shogun World, which Thandie Newton’s character Maeve discovered at the end of Season 1. Akecheta and Kohana, on the other hand, are both Sioux names, and you may remember Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater in the Twilight saga. They are likely Westworld hosts from the Ghost Nation.

None of these characters sound particularly medieval, don’t you think? Not that major casting surprises are off the table, but from this information it does not look like Westworld is planning to include Medieval World this season.

While it’s possible that Westworld Season 2 might peep into one of the four other parks, it’s unlikely that they’ll stay a while. The remaining Delos parks may not even be in the same location as Westworld, to be honest. Audiences still don’t know where in the world Westworld and Shogun World are. There may not be enough land in Westworld’s area for all six parks.

Hopefully the show will be on a long time, and more parks can be revealed as time passes and the robot rebellions spreads. If one of them is Medieval World, what are the other themes? Ancient Rome is a possibility, but what about pirates, the Regency period for Jane Austen buffs, or even the historically more chill Ancient Greece? Surely there is a range. Hopefully fans will at least get a glimpse of what else Delos has to offer — especially now, as it all begins to come crashing down.

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