‘Westworld’: All The Twists & Spoilers You Need To Remember From Season 1 As Season 2 Kicks Off

HBO’s hit sci-fi series ‘Westworld is about to return for a second season and we’ve got a refresher on all the details you need before returning to the mind-blowing drama! Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Are you as excited as we are that Westworld season 2 is about to premiere!? Of course you are! The first season was a runaway success filled with more twists and turns than a house of mirrors! However, with a story like this, plenty of stuff can get forgotten along the way. That’s why we’ve compiled a few important details to help you get properly primed before tuning in! Okay, let’s get started.

1) Evan Rachel Wood is Dolores, the oldest “host” in the park — she’s also Wyatt, the show’s infamous villain. Remember, hosts are the androids that populate the Western world which the uber-rich visit to live out their wildest fantasies. As for Wyatt, in season 1 he was an often-mentioned bad guy created by the park’s makers who notoriously massacred several people. In the season 1 finale we discover that that nefarious personality is embedded in Dolores. Arnold, the park’s mysterious co-creator alongside Ford (Anthony Hopkins) feared the hosts gaining consciousness, hence the massacre.

2) Bernard, one of the individuals who oversees the park’s hosts, is an android as well. It was one of the season’s biggest reveals when viewers learned that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) isn’t a human but another one of Ford’s super-secret creations. He was modeled after Arnold.

3) The Man in Black and William are the same person. One of season 1’s more confusing devices are the timelines. In a world where half the cast does not age, toying with time is pretty easy — and super confusing. Another giant reveal, that many fans admirably saw coming, was that the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is really William (Jimmi Simpson) years and years later. William was on his first visit to the park, which involved falling for Dolores. The Man in Black was on a mission to uncover the park’s darkest secrets.

4) Maeve is on a mission to destroy Westworld. One of the show’s many highlights is watching Maeve (Thandie Newton) go from a madam in a brothel in the park to a mother out for revenge. She attacks several employees as she escapes the park. The real mind-blowing aspect is when viewers learned that all this was programmed by Ford. However, she remembers her daughter at the last moment and turns back. But was it her decision or Ford’s?

5) Dolores killed Ford when the season ended. When the finale drew to a close, the show’s heroine gunned down Ford and attacked those attending a party to celebrate the park’s newest venture. In effect, she unleashed Wyatt. Per usual, we get hints that the entire thing was planned by Ford.

Season 2 of Westworld premieres Sunday, April 22 at 9 p.m. EST on HBO. Saddle up!

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