What Your Partner Really Wants For Valentine’s Day, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, friendship, and for binging on your favorite chocolates, obvi. Although, picking the perfect present for your adorable S.O. can be tricky sometimes, which is why I’m going to reveal what your partner really wants for Valentine’s Day, according to their zodiac sign. TBH, I’m a big fan of giving (and receiving) gifts, but I really hate it when it feels forced. I know, I’ve said this a hundred times, but what’s the point in going out of your way to buy someone something if it doesn’t come from the heart? Fact is, you can immediately tell when someone gives you something with love. The intention speaks for itself. Period.

Anyway, I’ve got an idea and I’m pretty sure it’ll come in handy, so let’s get right to it. In astrology, each of the houses in the zodiac wheel represent something completely unique in our lives. For instance, the first house is our sense of self and first impression, which is why the zodiac sign that rules this house, is also referred to as our rising sign. The second house, on the other hand, represents our values, income, possessions, spending habits, and basically everything that give us pleasure. We’re getting warmer, I promise.

Naturally, this area of our chart is ruled by Venus, along with our seventh house of relationships, which determines both the type of partners we’re most attracted to, and the people we tend to lure into our lives. Anyhoo, Venus is love, beauty, relationships, and pleasure, so let’s focus on that. Also, if you want to be more specific, you should take your S.O.’s rising sign into consideration. For example, let’s say they’re a rising Taurus. This would mean their second house is ruled by Gemini, (it goes in order) so they’re most likely attracted to technology gadgets, smartphone accessories, and other Geminish things. Get it?

Something else I want to point out is, Venus will be traveling through the sign of Capricorn, so it doesn’t hurt to consider the essence of Venus in Capricorn, and check where Cap is located on their birth chart. Remember, Venus in Capricorn affects us collectively, so the majority of us will most likely be inspired by its energy. Hint: Be realistic. Don’t overspend. Vintage is always a plus!

Anyway, here’s what you partner really wants from you this Valentine’s Day:

Aries: Beautiful Jewelry They Can Show Off

Aries means business this Valentine’s Day! Aside from the fact that boujee Taurus rules their second house of diamonds and pleasure, Venus is also dazzling their 10th house of reputation, so they’re not playing around.

Taurus: A Mentally-Stimulating Adventure

Taurus’ have their very own philosophy on romance this season, but one thing’s for sure; they’re ready to take off on an adventure. However, make sure they learn something new in the process, as Venus is igniting their knowledge-driven ninth house of expansion and education.

Gemini: To Be Swept Off Their Feet, Literally

This might sound like the opposite of Gemini, but they’re naturally attracted to nostalgic items, and memorabilia. However, with Venus in Capricorn dancing through their sexy eighth house of intimacy and sacred unions, chances are, they’ll be craving some one-on-one time.

Cancer: Anything That Consists Of Rose Petals And Worship

Here’s the deal with Cancer: Leo rules their second house, so the gaudier the better. Plus, with charming Venus in Capricorn dazzling their seventh house of partnerships, they’re craving a more traditional type of romance, and acknowledgement.

Leo: A Detailed Itinerary Full Of Courtship And Romance

It’s all about the little things for Leo this Valentine’s Day. Besides, with Venus in Capricorn igniting their routine-loving sixth house of details, they’re craving something practical and efficient this season. Granted, this doesn’t sound like your typical Leo, but when it comes to love, Venus makes the rules.

Virgo: Something Beautiful, Creative And Romantic

Put it this way: Libra rules Virgo’s second house, which means they adore all things beauty. Also, Venus in Capricorn is sizzling through their expressive fifth house of love and creativity this season, so they’re craving old-fashioned romance, and innocent fun. Side note: this energy is giving me Pleasantville vibes.

Libra: An Intimate And Secretive Rendezvous

Libra wants all of your attention this Valentine’s Day. In fact, they’re probably craving something sexy and taboo-like. Truth is, with Venus in Capricorn shedding light over their domestic fourth house of home, they’re most likely in the mood for something exclusive.

Scorpio: A Vintage Collection Of Astrology Books

Scorpio is a truth-seeker by nature, but with Venus in Capricorn igniting their chatty third house of mental stimulation, they’re extra inquisitive this Valentine’s Day season. Besides, there’s nothing Venus in Capricorn loves more than a vintage gem!

Sagittarius: Membership With A Financial Advisor

Despite Sagittarius’ love for adventure, this fire sign is typically frugal when it come to their spending habits. I mean, they have to find a way to travel somehow, right? Also, with Venus in Capricorn dancing through their second house of values this season, there’s nothing they’d love more than a little financial expertise.

Capricorn: To Fully Take Charge And Call The Shots

Everyone knows Capricorn is totally bossy, but with Venus sprinkling her charms over this structured earth sign, our mystical goats will certainly be the ones calling the shots this Valentine’s Day season. Although, if you don’t have the heart to ask them for direction, Aquarius rules their second house, which means they love technology, and anything futuristic.

Aquarius: A Spiritual Retreat Or Yoga Membership

This won’t be difficult, and I’ll tell you why. For starters, Pisces rules their second house of values, so they’re always in the mood for something magical, and out-of-this-world. Plus, with Venus in Capricorn igniting their twelfth house of subconscious dreams, our adorable water bearer is soul searching, and looking for peace of mind this season.

Pisces: Front-Row Concert Tickets

Aries rules Pisces’ second house of pleasure and values, so it’s no wonder they love getting first dibs on anything, and everything! Plus, with Venus (in Capricorn) traveling through their eleventh house of friendship circles, they’re most-likely craving a group setting this Valentine’s Day season.

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