What your sunbathing style says about you

Are you the type of person who wakes up early on holiday to nab the best sunbed?

You might be a ‘sunbed space invader,’ according to body language expert Judi James.

Working with Hotels.com, Judi has identified six sunbathing types and revealed what yours says about you.

The ‘space invader’, which applies to 40% of holidaymakers according to research, is likely to be competitive and a little bit smug, while the ‘chill and refill’ style (67%) is likely to be suited to people with very stressful and busy lives. 

Other types are the fidgeter; who will try everything and struggles to sit still, the workaholic; who always brings their laptop to the pool, the sun-worshipping pro; who is obsessed with coming home with a tan and the sleeping beauty; who can’t help but doze off in the heat. 

Emma Tagg, spokesperson for Hotels.com, said: ‘Sunbathing is a great way to really switch off from your daily worries and focus on relaxing.

‘There are so many different types of sunbather and I’m sure we can all relate to at least one of the personalities.

‘After two years of restricted travel, Brits are finally ready to get abroad and lounge around that pool, with searches up 25% for July and August compared to 2021.

‘Popular spots such as Spain, USA, France and Italy remain the most searched for this summer. 

‘However, we found that Turkey is rocketing in popularity with searches up 260 per cent compared to last year.’

Ready to discover which one you are?

The six sunbathing personality types:

The chill and refill

A novel and a cocktail is all you’ll need if you fit into this category.

You see your holiday as a well-deserved break after months of hard work and stress.

The sunbed space invader

Are you the type to leave your towel on the best sunlounger in the morning before heading back up to bed, despite knowing how annoying everybody finds it?

You’re a sunbed space invader. 

You tend to be a competitive planner and schemer – even if it does mean annoying other holidaymakers.

The hermit/sleeping beauty

An introvert at heart, you ensure everyone knows that you’re switched-off and solitary – rather than open to socialising or flirting – by wearing huge shades and a large-brimmed sun hat or a baseball cap with the brim pulled down. 

Your body language will be partly-closed or barriered as you’re all about peace and quiet.

The fidgeter

Sunbathing is not your favourite activity. In fact, you have a very short time limit on how long you can stretch out on a sunbed without getting bored or needing to move. 

Fun and impulsive, your fidgeting means they’re also the ones most likely to tilt the sunbed over backwards while trying to get on it.

The sun-worshipping pro

You’re the forensic tanner, the one who knows exactly where to position and reposition their sunbed, at what angle, and at which time of day – to ensure they get the best golden glow. 

You are meticulous about your sun creams and will sunbathe topless where possible to ensure you get even coverage.

The workaholic

If you’re a workaholic, you’ll be able to make any destination suit your needs.

You’ll pitch your umbrella over your sunbed and sit down to get on with work with barely a glance at the view or the infinity pool. 

Arriving loaded with laptops, phones and paperwork, you’ll happily put in a full day of work while your family is off having fun.

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