When Does ColourPop’s 5th Birthday Collection Drop? It’s Got A Super Fresh Melon Theme For Summer

If it weird that I get more excited about ColourPop Cosmetics’ birthday than my own? Every single year, the brand commemorates its B-Day with a super cute collection, so even though they’re the ones celebrating, I feel like I’m the one getting a gift. When does ColourPop’s 5th Birthday Collection drop, you ask? The brand’s big day is coming super soon, and if you liked last year’s collection, prepared to be wowed by what they’ve got in store for birthday numero cinco.

This year’s birthday collection is bolder and brighter than any before, and it’s all focused around one main hue: a juicy, vibrant red. Love that! Warm tones have been in for a while now, but something about this true-red drop feels fresh and lively, so it’s a perfect colorstory for the summer. Before the brand debuted the collection on Instagram, they asked fans to guess the theme, but it wasn’t long before their excitement got the best of them, and they spilled all the details on what was to come.

ColourPop really had fans on the edge of their seats with this black-and-white sneak peek. How dare they hint at gorgeous shadows and not show the shades!


However, the watermelon theme was revealed not long after, and our curiosity wasn’t just calmed, it was ~quenched~:

Oh my gosh, the whole collection gives me running-through-the-sprinklers, sucking-on-a-watermelon-popsicle realness. Fresh, fun, and summertime sweet! All in all, there’s a lot going on, from palettes to glitters, from single shadows to lippies, and even a little skincare, so let’s dive into specifics.

The first product announced was the Main Squeeze Palette, which will retail for $12:


It’s got nine juicy shades, from shimmery red "Home Slice" to peachy gold "Juicy Fruit":

For real, though, why is this palette making my mouth water? Catch me serving red looks all damn summer. In addition to a palette, the brand also releases a special Super Shock Shadow to commemorate their birthday each year, and this time around, it’s "Birthday Treat," a warm coral with gold and pink glitter.

Oh and BTW, you can snag "Birthday Treat" as a free gift with every order placed in the first 48 hours after the collection drops:

Seriously, "Birthday Treat" gives me sherbert mermaid scale realness, and I couldn’t love it more:

Moving right along, though, if you like a little glitz, the Star Gazing Gliterally Obsessed Mini Trio is a must, and it’s only $12 for three mini shades!

Hi, get on my face right this second, thank you v much:

The set contains "Starfire," "Star Party," and "Keep It Plutonic," and these holographic glitters can be used a bevy of different ways to create fun, intergalactic-esque looks. In addition to the trio, two new full-size Glitterally Obsessed Glitters are launching, too: opalescent gold "Trippin On Skies" and rose gold "Bring The Heat." They’ll both be $8 apiece.

I mean, when else can you wear glitter if you can’t wear it to celebrate a birthday, am I right?

What’s that — you want more glitter? Weird, ColourPop totally saw that coming. They’re also dropping three Gliterally Obsessed Mini + Super Nova Bundles for $12 apiece. Dear Summer includes a "Wish Me Luck" mini Gliterally Obsessed Glitter and a "Sandcastle" Supernova Shadow; Slip ‘N Slide includes a "Disco Lady" mini Gliterally Obsessed Glitter and a "Hazy" Supernova Shadow; Sangria Smash includes an Avenue Of The Stars mini Gliterally Obsessed Glitter and an "Ice Pop" Supernova Shadow.

This is total glitter overload, in the absolute best way possible:

If you aren’t familiar with Fourth Ray, ColourPop’s sister skincare brand, then it’s time to get acquainted, because they’re also taking part in the collection to wish ColourPop a happy B-Day. The Best Served Chill Face Bundle, which will retail for $24, will include the brand’s signature Watermelon Face Oil, along with two new products for summer. The Watermelon Face Milk is a creamy, liquid-like moisturizer, and the One In A Melon Lip Scrub will prep your pout for all the lipsticks and glosses I’m getting ready to tell you about next.

If you haven’t already tried Fourth Ray, there couldn’t be a better opportunity than this one:

Last but not least, we’re onto the lippies! And of course, there’s a lot of red in the mix. Expect just one new Ultra Matte Lip for $7 in true red shade "Melonade," and one So Juicy Plumping Gloss for $7 in matching hue "Big Slice."

These gloss tubes have become a fast favorite of mine, so I’m definitely snagging the red one for my collection:

Lastly, there are three gorg Liquid Lip Bundles available at $12 per set. Out Of Your Rind includes "Scorcher" Ultra Glossy Lip and "On The Grill" Ultra Matte Lip; Slice of Life includes "Fresco" Ultra Glossy Lip and "Swing Away" Ultra Blotted Lip; Sweet Crush includes "Granita" Ultra Glossy Lip and "Sherbert Shop" Ultra Matte Lip.

I’ll be buying all three sets, obviously:

Like I said, celebrating ColourPop’s birthday is almost more exciting than my own. If you want to shop the new collection, the products go live on the ColourPop site on May 16.

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