When my wife is talking to me, I completely zone out — is there something wrong with me?

I know she is getting very frustrated. I’m 34 and my wife is 32. We have been married for eight years. She thinks I ignore her all the time.

The other day her friend rang to change the time for them to meet up.

My wife was in the shower so I took the call.

When she asked me who called I remembered it was a friend but I couldn’t relay the information as I’d zoned out.

It sounds funny but the truth is I’m starting to wonder if there’s something wrong with me. What if I have serious memory issues?

DEIDRE SANDERS: While many women will say their partners behave in the same way, this does sound to be a real worry.

The symptoms you describe could be due to adult ADD (attention deficit disorder) but there are lots of other reasons, including being stressed, that might explain your lack of concentration.

Make an appointment to see your GP and explain what has been happening and try the practical suggestions in my e-leaflet Self-help For Stress.

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