Where To Get The PizzaSlime Crocs Crossbody Bag If You’ve Got $300 To Spend

A certain tongue-in-cheek brand beloved by iconic DJ’s and one of the biggest heartthrobs on earth has released a new bag and it’s peak ugly-cute in the most good-humored of ways. Normcore fans, I know you’ve been wondering where to get the PizzaSlime Crocs crossbody bag all weekend but for those of you who have no clue what I’m referring to, let me give you a primer on the satchel first.

Founded in Los Angeles, PizzaSlime has been worn by everyone from Skrillex and Diplo to Flosstradamus and—get this—Ryan Gosling. If Gosling is the wearing the brand then you know it’s good, even if good means slightly strange but cleverly ironic in this case. Known for their graphic hoodies and tees emblazoned with things like the logos of zeitgeist-y brands past (think Limewire, RIP), phrases that are sure to elicit a chuckle from passersby ("UGLY BUT HONEST" stretches across a shirt), and their own ooey gooey label, PizzaSlime is filling a niche hole of sartorial comic relief in streetwear. What started as a Tumblr-style music blog has turned into a veritable clothing brand but the thing that sets it apart from its contemporaries is that it’s incredibly affordable—tees run for around $40, hoodies around $60, and hats around $35. Except now, a new piece of merchandise has been added to their site that has a style and price tag that could hang alongside products of any upper brow label.

In collaboration with your favorite footwear brand, PizzaSlime has released a new crossbody bag that will definitely appeal to the more, uh, adventurous side of your style. The main part of the satchel is comprised of none other than a classic Croc Moc, as in that smooshy and holey slip-on clog that arrived in the mid-aughts and that everybody loves to hate, despite its continued and inexplicable popularity on high fashion runways. (Looking at you, Balenciaga.) The bag is available in two color ways, yellow and black, and features a yellow polyester bag with a zipper closure inside of the shoe where your foot would normally go.

An adjustable, belt-style strap featuring silver and matte black hardware and the PizzaSlime logo hooks onto the toe and heel of the shoe-bag to provide for easy carrying. The highlight of the product, though, has got to be the seven custom PizzaSlime detachable Jibbitz, aka colorful little charms that can be inserted into the perforations of of the shoe. Two say "PIZZASLIME" in cheeky lettering, another is in the form of a melting slice of pepperoni pizza, and my personal favorite says "LOSER" in Scooby Doo-like print. To call them funny would be accurate, but funny is cool, right?

To make the bag even more covetable, only 25 units of each color are available and they’re sure to sell out fast. You can’t put a price on uniqueness, right? Wrong. Each bag will run you a somewhat hard-to-swallow $300, but seeing as the style will help you nail playful dressing that still packs an ironically trendy punch, it’ll be more than worth the investment.

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