Why All of Gen Z Won't Stop Saying "OK, Boomer"

The kids are alright — especially when it comes to infuriating baby boomers the world over. 

Younger millennials have found an ally in their long-waged war against older generations: Gen Z — and the alliance has bred a fantastically internet-friendly catchphrase: “OK, boomer.” 

While the phrase isn’t new, it’s gathered a lot of momentum in the past couple weeks, resulting in an explainer on a site favored by said boomers, The New York Times

Gen Z’ers have appropriated a clip of an older white man declaring that the millennial and Gen Z generations have “Peter Pan syndrome” (basically, that they don't want to grow up) and remixed it for preferred young person social media platform TikTok. They've added commentary to convey their base message: “OK, boomer.”


Basically, it’s a way to clap back at boomers’ anti-millennial/Gen Z sentiments (i.e.: “millennials are too idealistic;” “millennials don’t want to work;” “millennials are too sensitive,” etc.) without actually forming an argument. And the best part is that it’s something that boomers are unable to dispute, and will therefore drive the entire generation to madness. 

And oh, look, there’s merch:

The 19-year-old responsible for branding "OK Boomer" in the style of a plastic bag told NYT she's received $10,000 worth of orders.

I believe that children (and their viral, baby boomer-hating catchphrases) are the future. 

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