Why You May Recognize The ‘Absurd Planet’ Narrator’s Voice From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

If you queued up Netflix’s Absurd Planet hoping to watch a relaxing nature docuseries, you’re in for a jolting surprise. The show instead offers a glimpse into the weirdest side of wildlife — all hilariously narrated by Afi Ekulona (aka "Mother Nature"), who’s kind of the perfect fit for the job. Though Ekulona has been an actor since 2000, she originally went to college for neuroscience, which may be how she’s able to so easily get inside these animals’ heads (We kid.)

Before Absurd Planet, Ekulona voiced Tray in the Ugly Dolls movie, played Tyra Banks in Starveillance, and voiced characters in the Guild Wars 2 video game. Grey’s Anatomy fans may recognize her as Nurse Janet from the PacNorth hospital, while others may remember her voice from commercials for Pepsi and McDonald’s. According to her resume, Ekulona can imitate anyone from a five-year-old child to someone 55 or older. Check out her audio demo here to hear some examples of her wide range.

Ekulona isn’t very active on social media, with her most recent Instagram posts being from 2017. But she has posted about her voice work a couple of times, and it’s clear that she loves her job. She even hashtagged "#ilovemyjob" on a post of her in the recording booth.

In Absurd Planet, you hear that joy come through.

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