Wilko’s half price pick and mix is back for the bank holiday weekend

WILKO'S half price pick and mix is back for the bank holiday weekend.

Shoppers will be able to pick up tubs of their favourite sweets at a fraction of their normal cost for one week only.

The new price for a regular tub of the sweets will be £1 for the limited time, which is £1 cheaper than it's usual £2 price.

A large will only cost £1.50, compared to £3 normally, and an extra large is £2 cheaper than normal at £2, slashed from £4.

The deal is available from now until next Tuesday, as sweet toothed bargain hunters have been able to get their hands on the half price treats since the offer launched in stores yesterday.

It means shoppers can pick up the tubs of sweets at cheap prices throughout the bank holiday weekend.

After August 31 though, the prices will return to normal and it will mean shoppers will have to go back to paying double what they can in-stores now.

Each of the three sizes available will have the 50% off automatically applied when you reach the checkout, so there's nothing you need to do to get the discount.

You're only able to buy pick mix at the stations in Wilko stores though, as it's not a gimmick you can add to your basket online.

You can use Wilko's store locator to find your closest one when you head out to cash in on the offer.

Wilko shared the news of the half price event on its Facebook page, with a fun video promoting the discount.

User's were quick to declare their excitement of the low prices on the social media page.

One tagged their partner in the post and said: "Do you think half price pick and mix is part of the diet?!"

To which Wilko's social team replied: "We won't tell anyone!"

Another user said "Wahoo! See you Saturday then.

While one commented: "Just what I needed today, thank you."

The pick and mix offer is always popular with regular Wilko shoppers but last year the store, along with two of the biggest UK supermarkets, ditched unwrapped pick and mix sweets because of the pandemic.

Wilko temporarily axed its pick and mix range at the time following coronavirus safety fears.

The classic system of scooping out from the tubs has returned now, but stock will be subject to availability in stores, so shoppers will want to be quick if they wish to fill up tubs with their favourite sweets.

The flavours can vary between stores too, so it's pot luck as to which options you'll have available at your closest store.

You can always ring ahead to check what's on offer and save disappointment before heading out.

It's also worth comparing prices to other sweet treats available on the high street too, you might find another store is selling the classic pick and mix deal at a cheaper price.

A medium cup at Tesco can usually cost £3, but if you are a Clubcard holder the store has run a half price promotion before making the sweets £1.50 to buy too.

Earlier in the month, the store launched a summer sale so shoppers could make the most of cheap toys and games for the season.

If you do head out to the store to check out any of the bargains though, keep in mind it has asked customers do continue to wear masks where they can.

While you're out on the highstreet you could stop by McDonald's to enter it's annual Monopoly draw too as the highly anticipated game returns today.

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