Woman asks boyfriend to take sexy snap of her – but is left looking like ‘frog’

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A woman was left mortified after she asked her boyfriend to take a sexy snap of her – but ended up looking like a “frog.”

Claudia Wright was enjoying some time in the pool frolicking around in a bikini and a pair of black shades.

Thinking this would be the perfect time to get some sizzling snaps of herself, the brunette asked her boyfriend to take some shots of her.

Putting the trust in her partner, Claudia posed in the pool whilst she floated on her back.

The results were far from sexy – so she has now taken to TikTok to share the outcome of her photoshoot blunder.

Claudia said: “When I asked my boyfriend to take some pics of me looking sexy in the pool and he delivered this.”

She then revealed the image that she has claimed is a “dumpable offence".

With only her face poking out, the rest of her body was left awkwardly submerged underwater.

But at least she still managed to smile!

Claudia hasn’t been the only person left tickled by her boyfriend's questionable photography skills.

Since being posted, the video has racked 794,000 likes and endless comments poking fun at the boyfriend’s camera skills.

One person commented: “Hope you dumped him.”

Another user chuckled: “I thought it was a frog.”

A third person voiced: “Why do boyfriends suck at pics.”

Someone else said: “At least he tried.”

And a fifth person remarked: “So we all have the same partner without a photogenic talent, huh?”

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