Woman branded ‘unprofessional’ for wearing crop top to interview – but lands job

A woman was called out for being "unprofessional" when she wore a crop top to a job interview.

Emma, from US, went to a Twin Peaks restaurant for a waitressing job and her boyfriend judged her for the "inappropriate" attire.

Filming from inside her car, she says: "He asked me why I wore a crop top to an interview and said it was unprofessional."

But then she flips the camera to show the new uniform, which showed she managed to land herself a job in the end.

She captioned the clip: "You don't understand, they need to know I have t**s!"

Emma then explained in the comments that she was wearing crop top because she followed the rule of thumb to "dress for the job you want, not the job you have".

Some shared their experience when they had an interview the same restaurant or Hooters.

"I'm a server and host at a strip club and went in with my best push-up bra and a crop top," one said.

And a second penned: "It's like how I tailor my resume to the job I'm apply to.

"Same goes for the interview outfit."

A third, however, was not so lucky as she shared: "I wore a cute little bodycon dress and they said 'come back when you're ready'."

A fourth added: "Makes sense now I get why I didn't get hired. I keep dressing professionally because that's what I was taught."

Emma also gave advice to other women who are looking to work at Twin Peaks restaurant.

She said: "Main advice for right now – hair down, makeup done, confidence, you have to have a good mouth piece!"

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