Woman confuses hot chocolate ball with bath bomb and coats tub in melted cocoa

A woman caused her mates to crack up laughing after explaining that she’d mixed up a hot chocolate treat with a bath bomb – and she went to bed smelling like sweets.

Her pal, Loren Rosebery, posted some snaps of the accident on a popular Facebook group where posters were tickled too.

Loren captioned the photos: “So my amazing friend (who would prefer to not be named!) thought she’d got herself a lovely new bath bomb.

"Turns out it was bloody hot chocolate with marshmallows included and everything!"

Now that’s funny!

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Loren told the Daily Star: “She shared it in the group chat and we were all in hysterics.

“She can be clumsy at times but not as a rule

“One of the girls joked at least it wasn’t the other way round and you ate a bath bomb thinking it was hot chocolate!”

In the photos, the poor woman’s legs could be seen bathing in murky brown water with a scattering of marshmallows in the background.

But, it was her partner’s reaction that had people chuckling.

Loren explained: “We joked saying what did the boyfriend say when she got in bed with him and he said it looks like you’re covered in poo, but you smell so sweet!”

The woman had apparently received the hot chocolate as part of a gift hamper and presumed it was a bath time goody.

Unfortunately, she only discovered her mistake after “lathering [herself] in melted chocolate.”

Facebook users cracked up at the post.

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One person said: "Lol this had made my day!

“Thank you for sharing, definitely the sort of thing that I’d do."

"Oh no! What a waste of chocolate and marshmallows,” added another.

A third joked: "I would probably drink the bath water…"

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