Woman finds 'secret compartment' in washing machine – does yours have one?

Apart from the last time you gave your filter a rinse or cleaned the leftover gunk from your drawer, when do you really take a good look at your washing machine?

Apparently some of them could be hiding a nifty little tool in a secret compartment that helps you reduce waste and get the best from your wash.

One member of the group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It shared a picture of her Hotpoint machine drawer, featuring a small card-sized slot.

When poster Staci Hunt probed further, she found a small plastic device inside that slots in and out.

Staci wrote: ‘Did anyone else know this, I have only found out that that’s where it goes when you’re not using it.’

As it turns out, this is quite a common thing – particularly with Hotpoint appliances – and is used to measure out powder or washing liquid to ensure none gets wasted.

People went to check their machines to see if they had the same thing, and many did without even realising.

One commenter replied: ‘I found this out the other week and I couldn’t believe it.

‘I just kept it in the liquid draw for ages and always wondered why my washer wasn’t working as it should! I found as soon as I moved it my washer now smells fresh!’ 

After an inordinate time spent looking at Hotpoint user manuals online, we can confirm that it is to help with detergent loss.

The company says: ‘If powder detergent is used, place the partition into slot B’ (slot B being the aforementioned ‘secret’ compartment).

However, ‘If liquid detergent is used, it is recommended that the removable plastic partition A (supplied) be used for proper dosage.’

Basically, if using liquid pop it in the back of this compartment, and if using powder, leave it where it is in its secret area.

This should control the amount of detergent you and keep everything smelling nice and working properly.

Now if only we all didn’t forget to read the manual when we actually bought appliances (guilty).

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