Woman makes more than £600k a month filming herself eating – and it isn’t sexual

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A 27-year-old YouTuber is earning millions of pounds a month by uploading videos of herself eating food.

Naomi MacRae – aka Hunnibee ASMR – from Ontario, Canada, is one of the biggest ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) YouTubers in the world.

She is so successful, she is making over £600,000 a month, with her videos receiving billions of views.

Recently she ate an edible Champagne bottle and hairbrush, with the video accumulating over 84million views at the time of writing.

Her videos are extremely popular but unfortunately, some people question Hannah about whether her content is sexual in nature.

“The biggest misconception would be that I am trying to eat sexually or act sexual by whispering, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

“My demographics are viewers aged from two to 30 years old and are 85% women and children. I would never want a child, woman, man, grandma, grandpa, anyone feeling uncomfortable watching my videos or feeling a sexual underlying vibe.

“My parents watch my videos and they are literally the most conservative people I know! And they enjoy watching them, so I’m not sure why some people say that.”

Thankfully she says the majority of responses she receives from people are sweet.

She added: “It will be super rare if I get something inappropriate and if I do, it's usually in my Instagram DMs. I've had a few messages that Matthew (her husband) definitely did not like, but that's why I just block and move on!”

Hannah doesn’t let the negativity get her down as she is aware of how much her followers love her content.

She says this is because she reads their positive comments and messages every day.

“The number of people commenting how delicious it looks, how satisfying it sounds and how hungry they just got says it all! It’s amazing honestly,” she shared.

“I love my community and supporters SO much. Without them and God, the channel would never be where it is today.”

Naomi works on her YouTube account full time and she is paid on how many views she receives each month.

It doesn’t matter how long ago she’s made a video either, if a video she did two years ago is still getting views, she will get paid for that.

Her videos are doing so well, she and her husband have been able to travel the world together and renovate their home.

“My husband and I are super passionate about travelling and experiencing different cultures,” Hannah said.

“Before we started travelling, I feel like we used to live in this 'bubble' and that was all we knew. But then after going to these countries you see how small your world really is and that there is SO much more to experience.

“So far we have been to Dubai, Maldives, Tulum, Las Vegas, Miami, St. Lucia, Los Angeles, Barbados and Palm Springs together, with Costa Rica and Greece coming up later this year!

“We also love the watch market and investing in high-end watches – such as Patek Philippe – which are great little investments.”

Naomi started her YouTube channel five years ago while she was attending a Christian college in California.

One day while at school, a stranger came up to her and said that they felt like God was telling them that she needed to start a YouTube channel.

The stranger added that the channel would help lots of people and it would be very successful.

Naomi said: “With them saying this, I knew if I was to do something it would be ASMR. So I ordered a mic that night and wanted to give this thing a shot. My first video was filmed in my dorm room on March 26, 2017.”

She would have never guessed then that she would soon have 7.7million subscribers tuning in to watch her eat.

The 27-year-old decided on making ASMR videos because she fell in love with them when she was 16.

She came across an account called Gentle Whispering and instantly had a strong positive reaction to her content.

“She was tapping on a mirror while whispering and I got this intense wave of tingles at the top of my head, to my shoulders and down my back,” Hannah explained.

“Let's just say I was addicted and completely infatuated with ASMR from that day on. Five years ago when I was deciding on what to make my channel on, I just knew I wanted to do ASMR.

“I was so passionate about it, it's so comforting, and I wanted to help people fall asleep! The lady from school said I would help people so I thought this is what it must be. It wasn’t a tough decision.”

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