Woman makes up fake app and tells men it sends unsolicited dick pics to police

Jenn Tisdale, from Washington D.C., was a little fed up with receiving unsolicited dick pics.

So when she received one on Instagram on Sunday morning, she decided to have a little fun.

A stranger sent her the picture of his penis but she pretended she couldn’t see it.

Jenn, who is director of Death Becomes Us True Crime Festival, told him that she has a photo blocker on Instagram.

The man responded by saying ‘ah ok’ and as Jenn kept typing, he started to panic.

‘Sorry it was basically a really shitty joke and the pic was the punchline.’

Jenn added: ‘It’s very useful for women.

‘Because sometimes very sad men, and I mean the saddest men, men so so so sad that women never touch them. Ya know the kind?

‘Men so incredibly sad and unfuckable…

‘They try to send inappropriate pics so I downloaded an app that blocks them.’

Realising the problem, the man says ‘You’re dead right. They’re animals.’

She tells him the made-up app is called Cockblock and it’s very intuitive.

He adds: ‘If that’s the actual name of the app, the creator needs to be given a Nobel prize. It’s brilliant.’

But the final blow comes when she tells him it send the image to the local police and tells him they call her to ask her to file a sexual harassment report.

Her final message said: ‘Men who have sent me dick pics have been arrested. It’s wild. LOL one guy lost his job and his wife. Technology is wild.’

Jenn posted the images on Twitter and said: ‘This morning I received an unsolicited dick pic via Instagram from a man I do not know.

‘What follows is a beautiful story I wove about an app I made up, that should exist. Enjoy!’

A few people told Jenn that the creators of a filter called safeDM that blocks dick pics in your Twitter DMs plan to make it available on Valentine’s Day, but she said she’d still love to see one that had some consequences as well.

She added: ‘Love that it’s happening! Let’s turn it into an app and include consequences! Tired of being shielded while these folks avoid any accountability for their illegal actions.’

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