Woman moans about ‘painful’ shoes then discovers she wore them on the wrong feet

Ayleigh McGhee, from Glasgow, spent a night out moaning about her “painful” new shoes to her pals.

The blonde claimed her shoes were difficult to walk in and were seriously hurting her feet.

It wasn’t until she saw photos the next day when she spotted she had been wearing them on the wrong feet.

Instead of keeping the hilarious blunder in the dark, Ayleigh’s friend Georgia Henry decided to share the story on Twitter.

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Sharing the photo, Georgia wrote: “Ayleigh was actual moaning the full night saying she couldn't walk in her shoes.

“And [she] only just realised this morning she was wearing them on the wrong feet. This lassie man. [sic]"

The photo shows Ayleigh posing in the kitchen ahead of a night out with her mates.

She wore a black dress with an animal print bag which matched her heels.

But when you take a closer look, you can see Ayleigh wore the shoes on the wrong foot.

Since the snap was shared earlier this week, the post amassed a whopping 33.3k likes and 1.9k retweets.

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Many social media users found the whole situation hilarious, with one dubbing it “the funniest thing”.

A person wrote: “That was brilliant.”

Another, who tagged her pal, said: “Loool why do I feel like this something you’d do.”

While third commented: “Defo can see me doing this.”

And a fourth added: “Omg dying, shoes look peng though, need some of those beauties in my life (but on the right feet obviously lol).”

Luckily Ayleigh did see the funny side of the blunder as she responded: “F*** offf I know it's all I can see now.”

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