Woman panics after PrettyLittleThing devil horns she glued to her head get stuck

A makeup artist posted a series of hilarious videos after devil horns she superglued to her head got stuck.

Connie Kirwan started posted the clips after realising the £4 PrettyLittleThing horns were stuck fast to her forehead.

Connie, from Kilsyth in Scotland, even feared she would have to go to A&E to get rid of the Halloween fancy dress item.

She had bought the horns online to use on October 31 and couldn't resist trying them out.

Pal Leigh Burke uploaded images of the resulting mayhem to social media with the caption: "Hahahahahahaha – Connie was trying a new Halloween look and now she can't get the horns off her head.

"I swear stuff like this only happens to her"

In the clip, Connie is seen pulling at the red horns trying to remove them.

She can also be heard saying: "Do you think I can email PrettyLittleThing and say your horns are f ******  faulty because I can't get them off my head?"

Connie then tries to pull at it again, but has no luck and says: "It's actual lifting my whole eye."

In another clip, Connie can still be seen with the horns on and says: "Update – makeup is off horns are f* *****  not. I'm going to need to go to A&E."

Connie herself then posted a clip to Leigh's post which the words "been like this for over an hour now" were written across the video.

She says: "Just thought I would let everyone know not to f*****  order these horns from PrettyLittleThing, because apparently I've f***** surgically glued them to my head" before giving the camera a thumbs up and saying: Here we go." 

Social media users were in hysterics over the footage.

One Twitter user said: "This is something that would happen to me."

Fortunately for Connie she eventually revealed they were off.

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