Woman who ‘felt drunk’ for years gets part of her skull removed after rare diagnosis

A young woman in the UK who had a headache for two years and “constantly felt” drunk has had part of her skull removed.

Jodie Baitson-Horrocks, 24, was born with a rare condition affecting the brain but was only recently diagnosed.

Her symptoms have worsened in the last couple of years and after numerous visits with doctors, she was diagnosed with Chiari malformation one.

The condition results in the lowest part of the brain dropping into the spinal canal.

Baitson-Horrocks had an eight-hour surgery in September but was only released from the hospital on October 16 because she contracted meningitis.

Mom Paula Horrocks, 42, says the last couple of years have been a “nightmare.”

She said: “She’s suffered all her life with illness but it’s got really bad over the last two years. She’s had a constant headache and basically feels like she’s drunk all the time, it’s been really difficult.”

“Over that time she’d been to a neurologist and doctors and got medicine but nothing worked. They thought it was just migraines.”

“She was eventually diagnosed with Chiari malformation one when she was given a CT and MRI.”

“It’s too early to tell how successful the surgery was. But if she hadn’t have had the operation she could have been left paralyzed.”

“She’s such a loving girl who would do anything for anyone. It’s awful that she’s had to go through so much at a young age.”

Baitson-Horrocks, from Kingston upon Hull, was diagnosed in April and had decompression surgery in June, which turned out to be unsuccessful.

She had another operation to remove part of her skull in September and continues to recover now.

Horrocks has set up a GoFundMe to help fund her daughter’s recovery.

She’s currently providing Jodie round the clock care.

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