Woman’s age-defying mum and gran look like they could be her sisters

A woman has left Instagram users stunned as she shared a clip dancing with her mum and grandma who "look young enough to be her sisters."

Influencer Grace Hunter gained more than 1.8million likes on the video where she was swaying her hips to Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus & Pliers, as her mother and gran slowly appeared behind her.

The video was posted as a joke about her close relationship with her family as the caption read: "Are you the girl that's always with her mom and grandma?"

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She responds by saying there was "no way" that was her, but as soon as the pair appear from behind her she changed her mind.

"Okay, maybe it's me," she wrote.

However, the millions of viewers were more distracted by how beautiful all three generations were and how her mum and grandmother have an age-defying appearance.

One user commented: "But there's no way that's your grandma…"

Another added: "Not going to lie.. the mum seems to be her sister and the grandma the mum of both."

A third wrote: "Bro, with all due respect, grandma fine."

A fourth added: "Noooo that's your sister and your older sister. I don't accept my faith."

However, the influencer has multiple posts of the three generations dancing together on Instagram as she insists they are her mother and gran.

But people continue to be in disbelief, writing: "Girl! We ‘bout tired of you calling this 30 yr old girl your grandma."

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The news comes after gobsmacked at an influencer's mum after thinking that the pair are sisters – not mum and daughter.

Influencer and YouTuber Misha Grimes shared a snap of her and her mum, Kasha, on holiday, but her 155,000 Instagram followers can't believe how the parent is so age-defying.

Despite being 60 years old, the mum has been mistaken as a sibling to Misha thanks to her youthful glow.


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